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3 Easy Ways Canadians Can Check Their Own Credit Score

 Easy Ways Canadians Can Check Their Own Credit Score

 If you’ve spent any time frequenting the Dime Turner blog learning how to rebuild credit, you’ll know that it’s important to regularly check your credit score. It’s the first step towards a better financial future and the key to credit repair! Here are three easy ways Canadians can check their own credit score

Send in for your free credit report

TransUnion and Equifax will provide all Canadians one free credit check per year! The first step to credit repair is free and easy! To grab your free report and credit score from TransUnion, Click here. To grab your free report and credit score from Equifax, click here.

Check with Refresh Financial

You can quickly obtain your credit score free of charge, from Refresh Financial. This is not a complete report and will only show you your credit score score. This is a valuable step on the road to credit repair. Click here to get your free credit score from us! For a limited time.

Check with Equifax or TransUnion

The paid reports from these credit bureaus come with all sorts of bells and whistles, including credit monitoring, identity theft insurance, a wealth of credit knowledge and more. You can access and update your score anytime you like, which can come in handy for those learning how to rebuild credit. Click here to get your paid access from TransUnion. Click here to do the same at Equifax.

Depending on your personal needs, any one of these could be your best option. None of these choices will affect your credit score and all of them will show you what your creditors will see. Obtaining your credit report is a great first step towards learning how to rebuild credit no matter which option you decide to choose, so well done! 

When was the last time you checked your credit score? Let us know in the comments!

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