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Equifax Hacked: How To Make Sure You Don’t Suffer

Equifax Hacked

One of Canada’s two credit bureaus, Equifax, discovered in late July of this year that a mass amount of their stored data had been breached. Since Equifax is a credit bureau, the data they store is primarily the personal and financial information of consumers like you. With Equifax hacked, what do affected Canadians do?

 1. Check Your Personal Information

- You can go to an Equifax site set up for this purpose. Click here and head to the “enroll” button at the bottom or you can also call 1-866-447-7559 to find out

2. Monitor Your Credit Reports

- You can do this for free at CreditKarma. If anything seems suspicious, report it.

3. Monitor Your Bank And Credit Card Statements

- If you see any suspicious charges, cancel your cards and get new ones. You simply do not want to take the chance.

4. Change Your Passwords

- This is a good habit regardless of whether you were affected by the Equifax breach. Be on the safe side, and change the passwords to all of your online accounts.

5. Check Your SIN

- Report your stolen social insurance number to the police. Follow their instructions, as your social insurance number can be the key to stealing your entire identity.

Keep up to date with your credit reports even if you don’t like what you see. Monitoring your credit report is the first and most effective line of defense against identity theft. Security breaches will always happen, so be prepared.

Let this Equifax breach become the driving force behind new and better habits for your financial security.

Have you ever had to deal with identity theft before? Let us know how that went in the comments!

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