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Save Your Dough: 12 DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is just before the holidays. It’s a time when, really, you should be saving your money to soften the blow of Christmas....more

Trick, Treat or Don’t Bother: What Not To Give Out This Halloween

The pumpkins are out in full force, which means that it’s just a matter of time before little ghosts and goblins end up on your doorstep begging for candy. ...more

10 Tips For Saving A Down Payment For A House

Making the decision to buy a house means you’re going to have to scrape together a down payment, which why many Canadians aren’t homeowners yet....more

The Differences Between An Unsecured and Secured Credit Card

People who suffer from poor credit and who seek out advice on how to improve their credit, are likely to come across one piece of advice more often than all the rest....more

Do You Understand Your Credit Score?

Do you know how your credit is broken down? I wanted to take a moment to explain the different areas that are taken into account....more

What is the Average Credit Score in Canada and How Do You Compare?

Often, Canadians want to know how they measure up to their fellow countrymen when it comes to credit score. Is your score better than most?...more

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