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6 Reasons To Do Your Own Taxes

Tax season is here, and that means many of you will head to your local accountant’s office to have someone else do them for you. There’s no shame in supporting your local accountant, but we’d like to talk about some of the reasons why you should do them yourself. We know it sounds scary, but […]...more

12 Budgeting Hacks To Improve Your Success

  When it comes to the dream of being financially secure, we can’t overstate the importance of budgeting. Lots of us have budgets, but few of us implement them effectively. It’s tough to find the motivation and discipline to stick with it. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your budget […]...more

7 Unexpected People Who Can Check Your Credit

  As a consumer in Canada, you’ve probably had your credit checked numerous times. You could be applying for a new credit card, purchasing your first home, or even looking to lease a car. We all know that when we seek new forms of credit, our credit report is reviewed and assessed. So we shouldn’t […]...more

Will Closing Your Bank Account Affect Your Credit?

  With so many factors playing a role in your credit score, it’s easy to worry about every financial change you make. How will this look on my credit report? Am I shooting myself in the foot by making this move? We tend to second-guess ourselves whenever we make a change related to our finances. […]...more

Mystery Charges On Your Credit Card Statement

  It’s not uncommon for credit cardholders to be stumped when it comes to some charges on their monthly statement. Not all merchants are recognizable on your statement – they could be using their parent company name, or they could have their name abbreviated. If you have mystery charges on your credit card statement, how […]...more

No Income: Do You Still Need To File Your Taxes?

There are many reasons why some Canadians might not have had an income last year. Stay-at-home parents, job loss, and injury are just a few of the potential scenarios that prevent people from earning an income. But the question, is if you’re one of these Canadians, does that mean you get to skip filing your […]...more

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Last year around this time I was declined for vehicle financing. I was making more than I am now and had better stability in my job and address yet I was declined. I had no borrowing history. Credit cards sure but no installment payments showing on my report. Its next to impossible to get experience without having experience. Then I learnt about The Refresh Program. I signed up for a $2300.00 loan because in 3 years I want to get my own piece of land and $2300.00 will go a long way towards a down payment.

So not only am I saving for a house but I am building my credit too.

This year I was approved for financing through for auto financing and now I have a shiny new ride to cruise around in and an interest rate I can afford.

So I just wanted to say thank you. I would still be driving my '92 saturn if it wasnt for the effect Refresh Financial has had on my credit report. ”

David, Nanaimo, BC