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5 Reasons To Consider A Secured Credit Card

  A secured credit card requires you to put money down before you can use it, so why would anyone choose this option for a traditional credit card? Usually, it’s their only option. Because secured credit cards are easier to get approved for, they are an opportunity for many people. Secured credit cards can help […]...more

Do You Have These Common Credit Card Perks?

  Does your credit card have perks attached to it? We’re not talking about rewards, that’s different. Perks are bonuses you get just for being a cardholder. Some common credit card perks include discounts and access to exclusive events. Most credit cards come with built-in perks that you have access to from day one. Here […]...more

The Dangers Of Relying On Credit Cards

  We all know at least one person who has a credit card “for emergencies”, and it’s definitely an option when it comes to being prepared for the unexpected. So why do financial gurus and top thinkers all push the idea of an emergency fund? Why not use a credit card for unexpected expenses? There […]...more

How The Mortgage Stress Test Works

  If you’re in the market for a home in Canada, you’re going to be subject to what is called a stress test. If you’re wondering what that is, look no further! This is how the mortgage stress test works. Simply put, the stress test tells lenders whether or not you could handle mortgage payments […]...more

Tips for Lowering Interest Payments On Credit Cards

  If you’re a credit card holder, you already know that interest is what gets you. Let your balance get too high, and all of a sudden your interest charges are through the roof. Paying on time doesn’t seem to get you any closer to shrinking your credit card debt. It feels like you’ll be […]...more

How Are Canadians Affording Homes In Big Cities?

  For many, living in big cities like Vancouver or Toronto can seem out of reach. Even people making above-average income can’t afford to live there, which begs the question: how are Canadians affording homes in Vancouver and Toronto? Who is buying these astronomically priced homes? Unfortunately, there isn’t one single answer to this question. […]...more

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