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Tax Tips: How To Access Lost or Old T4s

It’s always important to get your taxes done each year in time. It’s not always what happens, but it’s important, nonetheless....more

Improve Your Financial Literacy: 6 Money Smart Resources

  Improving your financial literacy can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Unfortunately, the education system doesn’t always do a great job of giving us the knowledge we need to succeed. As Canadians, we need to take it upon ourselves to gain these skills. Thankfully, many groups have recognized this lack of […]...more

This New Trend Could Threaten Your Financial Future

The results from a recent poll from BMO are quite surprising, and unfortunate. Of the 1500 Canadians surveyed, 40% of respondents said they dip into their retirement savings early. Is there a reason why is such a large portion of Canadians are making withdrawals from their RRSPs? Here is the following data. 27% said they […]...more

6 Reasons To Do Your Own Taxes

Tax season is here, and that means many of you will head to your local accountant’s office to have someone else do them for you. There’s no shame in supporting your local accountant, but we’d like to talk about some of the reasons why you should do them yourself. We know it sounds scary, but […]...more

12 Budgeting Hacks To Improve Your Success

  When it comes to the dream of being financially secure, we can’t overstate the importance of budgeting. Lots of us have budgets, but few of us implement them effectively. It’s tough to find the motivation and discipline to stick with it. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your budget […]...more

Will Closing Your Bank Account Affect Your Credit?

  With so many factors playing a role in your credit score, it’s easy to worry about every financial change you make. How will this look on my credit report? Am I shooting myself in the foot by making this move? We tend to second-guess ourselves whenever we make a change related to our finances. […]...more

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