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Financial Spring Cleaning – 6 Easy Steps

  Spring is just around the corner (we hope!) and while many of you might have your mind on spring cleaning in your home, there is a type of financial spring cleaning that can be far more beneficial. Like all spring cleaning, you will have to get your hands a little dirty. The idea is […]...more

Choosing a Credit Card: What Matters Most?

Are you in the market for a new credit card? Do you feel a little overwhelmed with all the different factors to consider? Let us help you make the choice that’s right for you! When choosing a credit card, we need to look at what matters most. Interest rate – If you tend to carry […]...more

Top Tips For Negotiating Your Salary

  You could be starting a new job or getting a promotion. Maybe you’ve been with the same company for years without so much as a raise. One thing is certain, however. Negotiating your new salary is an anxious business! You can eliminate much of the fear by having a clear gameplan before you start […]...more

Are Credit Cards With Tap Safe To Use?

  When it comes to credit cards, it seems as though everyone is using tap technology nowadays. The old swipe style cards are all but obsolete as more and more financial institutions are issuing cards with tap ability. The technology increases convenience and saves us time whenever we’re at the cash register. But a question […]...more

The Easiest Ways To Get Buried In Debt (And How To Avoid Them)

With household debt on the rise in Canada, it’s time we took a look at some of the causes. How do Canadians find themselves buried in debt and how do we avoid it? Here are some of those ways: 1. Misusing your credit card – This is probably the most common cause of consumer debt. […]...more

How To Save With Debt

  When we’re handling our finances, particularly when it comes to debt and savings, our focus tends to be on debt. Debt comes with interest, so it’s always a good idea to prioritize it, but it doesn’t mean that saving should be neglected. Saving money is just as crucial to achieving financial wellbeing as eliminating […]...more

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