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The Thieves Who Preyed On Our Hockey Heroes

The thieves who preyed on our hockey heroes. As Canadians, we love our hockey. We idolize our favourite players and they are among...more

The History of Canada’s National Debt

The history of Canada’s national debt. Basically, what happened was that some people got together and decided to change...more

The Ultimate Canada Day Playlist

Canadian music rocks and I’ve got the list to prove it....more

Unique Canada Day Celebrations Across Canada

Unique Canada Day celebrations across Canada: there’s the annual Steveston Salmon Festival, where salmon is the guest of honour....more

The History of Canada Day

The history of Canada Day: it seems we have always loved our pyrotechnics, our flowing ale, and our good old Canadian tunes....more

An Adirondack Chair By Any Other Name…

An Adirondack Chair By Any Other Name: They’re sturdy. They can withstand the elements. Their slanted backs are comfortable...more

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