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Save Cash on your Phone Bill

Phone plans vary as much as your specific favourite latte. They are customizable to your needs and the cost varies accordingly. ...more

Simple Ways to Cut Costs

New Year’s resolutions and saving money go hand and hand. Next to working on your waistline, trimming your expenses tops the list for many....more

What’s Your Coffee Costing You?

I’ll never forget when frequent coffee customers that I served while in university, stopped coming in for their extra large caramel macchiato every day. ...more

Want to understand more about your credit?

Sometimes understanding your credit report can be overwhelming or confusing. ...more

The Dangers of Impulse Shopping

The average Canadian spends $310 on impulse purchases. How do you know if you are one of these people? ...more

How Important is Your Credit Score?

Your credit score may not seem that important to you....more

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Since signing up with Refresh I have done really well with my credit rating. I was able to sign up for a new credit card and now know my credit score is way better than what it used to be. I'm so glad I signed up for this program and am working towards making my credit score even better!! Your staff has been so helpful with anytime I have called in for any help or questions. I always speak highly of Refresh and explain how you guys have helped me from a bad credit score to one that I can be proud of. Thank you so much to Refresh for making it easy to get back to where I need to be!!! ”

Sarah, Aurora, ON