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6 Celebs Who Chose A Staycation

Photo: Wiki Commons If you don’t know what a staycation is, you can probably guess. The dictionary defines it as a vacation that is spent either in your home country rather than heading out of state, or a vacation spent specifically in your home. We all love vacations, but you have to admit, that sounds […]...more

Beware These Hidden Travel Fees

Beware these hidden travel fees. There is one inescapable truth about every holiday: you’re going to spend more than you planned....more

Which Is Cheaper: Camping Vs. Hotels?

Which Is Cheaper: Camping Vs. Hotels? Road trips are a ton of fun, and can be cheaper than other types of travel if you approach it with some smarts....more

7 Crucial Tips For Booking Your Vacation Online

It’s the ultimate convenience, and saves a ton of time, but how do you know you’re getting the best deals?...more

The World’s Most Affordable Vacation Destinations

The world’s most affordable vacation destinations aren’t always in your comfort zone – heading out further into the world can get you an affordable vacay....more

The Top Five Vacation Destinations In Canada

We’re lucky we live in the most beautiful place on Earth, aren’t we? Today we have the top five vacation destinations in Canada for you!...more

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