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Canadian Federal Budget 2015

On April 21 2015, the Conservative government released the 2015 federal budget. ...more

Keep Your Costs Down as Gas Prices Go Up

Whether or not it’s time to fill up, every time you drive by a gas station and glance at the price, it is a constant game of monitoring the fluctuation....more

Save Cash on your Phone Bill

Phone plans vary as much as your specific favourite latte. They are customizable to your needs and the cost varies accordingly. ...more

Simple Ways to Cut Costs

New Year’s resolutions and saving money go hand and hand. Next to working on your waistline, trimming your expenses tops the list for many....more

What’s Your Coffee Costing You?

I’ll never forget when frequent coffee customers that I served while in university, stopped coming in for their extra large caramel macchiato every day. ...more

Want to understand more about your credit?

Sometimes understanding your credit report can be overwhelming or confusing. ...more

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Six months ago I came with a credit score of ZERO. I was assured Refresh would help my credit and was asked to come back in six months to check again. I was blown away when I found out I had good credit. It was beyond my expectations and I qualified for a loan. I was very impressed with the professional and genuine helpful service I received. I've since and will continue to recommend Refresh to friends, family, and people at work with confidence that they too will be satisfied. Thanks everyone! "

Lucas, Niagara Falls, ON