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Current opportunities

Are you excited by the prospect of a workplace that not only builds a better future for our clients, but also for our team members? Do you have a work hard and play hard attitude? If so, you’ll probably be a great fit for Refresh Financial!

What are we looking for in our team members?


Passionate, respectful people, with a broad array of educational and professional backgrounds, and strong communication skills. Respect is at the core of what we do.

Team Player

People who get excited about helping others, and who are energized by working in a team. People who love to learn and grow, and support others to achieve their career goals.


Flexible and adaptable people who can thrive and have fun within a results-oriented, problem-solving, dynamic environment.


A Career with Perks

Challenge & Opportunity

As a fast-growing start-up, this is a very dynamic environment that evolves quickly to meet client and market demands. If you can keep pace you’ll be rewarded with opportunity for career development!

Development & Growth

You will constantly be learning and improving on your existing skill-set. This is an environment where personal development is encouraged as we all strive to be better at our jobs!

Salary & Benefits

We believe in rewarding people for a job well done. Salaries are competitive and we offer extended health and wellness benefits as well as a bonus plan! Who doesn’t love more dough!


Ok here’s the good part! Every year you are eligible to attend the President’s Club trip (Annual presidents club trip). Refresh also provides the opportunity to help charities and local communities via our Do-Good Committee! Shine-n-Dine, Picnics - Company retreats, Celebration & games.


We operate in a large, relaxed office environment where no one will judge you for sporting a shaggy beard and wearing a hoody. Central to the office is the flex-space where people go to eat, socialize, play, and relax.

Our location

Landmark 4   Kelowna, BC







Our Teams

Client Experience

Without our Client Services team, we wouldn’t have any clients. It’s that simple. Our clients are what makes Refresh a success. However, this team’s job isn’t just to sell - it’s to create a personalized, custom experience for every client, one where they feel valued on the path to their credit goals. That’s what makes us Refresh Financial.


The Marketing team is the official voice of Refresh. Everything the public sees about the company comes through Marketing, from ads to social media, from the website to emails. Marketing ensures all messaging and content sounds like the Refresh brand, and looks super sharp at the same time.

Operations & Compliance

Being a financial company, we have to dot a lot of ‘i’s and cross a lot of ‘t’s to ensure regulatory compliance. For our solutions to be successful for our clients, partners, and the company as a whole, we need to have everything running smoothly from an operational perspective.


The “Dev” team is responsible for all things web and software at Refresh. In other words, they design and build “really cool stuff” including high tech proprietary tools and platforms that not only make our clients' lives easier, but help shape the unique Refresh client experience.


The Data team exists to assist the company in making the best decisions possible with all available data. As well as crunching numbers and making useful inferences from what they find, this team helps develop our products to make them the best in Canada. They also make sure everything gets reported to TransUnion and Equifax.


What kind of financial company would we be if we didn’t have a Finance team?! This group of talented individuals makes sure that we are getting paid by our clients, and that we are paying our own bills. They literally keep the lights on in the office, and drive the success of our clients!

Business Development

At Refresh, we work with multiple partners Canada-wide to ensure our solutions help as many Canadians as possible. The Business Development team not only finds new partnerships, but also services existing partnerships so that Refresh clients have a great experience whether they apply from our website or through someone else.

People & Cultue

Our People & Culture team is the glue that hold everything together. They ensure the right people are in the right positions in all the teams above. Not only that, but this team wants to make sure that people are happy in their roles! If you’re looking for a position at Refresh, your first touch point will be with our People & Culture team.

Refresh Financial welcomes
co-op students!

Refresh is always on the lookout for motivated, detail-oriented 3rd or 4th year students who wish to supplement their education and work experience with the support of Refresh Financial.

We understand the need for you to have meaningful work during your co-op education and we will therefore give you as much freedom and responsibility as you demonstrate you can handle. We want to provide co-op students with positions that are challenging, multifaceted and rewarding. Our goal is for you to come away with an enhanced skill set that will serve you well in your chosen career.

If you are interested in a co-op placement at Refresh, get in touch with our Director of HR at

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