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Current opportunities

Are you excited by the prospect of a workplace that not only builds a better future for our clients, but also for our team members? Do you have a work hard and play hard attitude? If so, you’ll probably be a great fit for Refresh Financial!

What are we looking for in our team members?


Passionate, respectful people, with a broad array of educational and professional backgrounds, and strong communication skills. Respect is at the core of what we do.

Team Player

People who get excited about helping others, and who are energized by working in a team. People who love to learn and grow, and support others to achieve their career goals.


Flexible and adaptable people who can thrive and have fun within a results-oriented, problem-solving, dynamic environment.


"What really attracted me to Refresh Financial was having the opportunity to change the lives of Canadians everyday! We do this by helping Canadians reach their financial goals. We really do make a difference in people’s lives and I find my job extremely fulfilling. On a side note the culture is top-notch and the people at Refresh are a pleasure to work with. I have had the ability to grow and thrive in this environment, as Refresh has provided me with the tools and training to expand into my new role in the company. "

Stephen, Client Services

"It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a company that takes so much pride in their culture. I love the atmosphere at Refresh and enjoy coming in each and every day to a place that is inviting and friendly. I am truly proud to be a part of Refresh."

Grace, People & Culture

"I appreciate the friendships I’ve made at Refresh. Celebrating wins together as a team makes Refresh a great place to come to everyday!"

Shenaya, Marketing

"As a new employee to Refresh in March 2019, what I noticed and admired right away was the commitment to making the work culture fun and friendly. The engagement initiatives such as team lunches, Kahoots games, monthly culture club, champion of championships and birthday celebrations are what truly makes Refresh and a great place to work!"

Tyler, Project Manager

"I've been with Refresh for over 3 years and love seeing our core values in action every day. It's a fun place to work. I love all the events and awards, team work and individual recognition. Everyone is passionate about helping people succeed!"

Maryanne, Data

A Career with Perks

Challenge & Opportunity

As a fast-growing fintech, this is a very dynamic environment that evolves quickly to meet client and market demands. If you can keep pace you’ll be rewarded with opportunity for career development!

Development & Growth

You will constantly be learning and improving on your existing skillset. This is an environment where owning your personal development is encouraged as we all strive to be better at our jobs!

Salary & Benefits

We believe in rewarding people for a job well done. Salaries are competitive and we offer extended health and wellness benefits as well as a bonus plan! Who doesn’t love more dough?


OK here’s the good part! Refresh provides the opportunity to help charities through team-based volunteering to give back to our community. A health spending account is available to top up the already-comprehensive benefits plan, and a Wellness Plan provides each employee a budget to spend on any initiative that promotes wellness. On Fridays, complimentary lunches and drinks are served, as well as company picnics, retreats, celebrations and games.


We operate in a large, relaxed office environment where the dress code is casual. Central to the office is the flex-space where people go to eat, socialize, play, and relax.

Our location

Landmark 4,   Kelowna, BC



within walking distance


retail stores


fitness facilities

within 300m (some are subsidized)



Our Teams

Client Experience

Without our Client Services team, we wouldn’t have any clients. It’s that simple. Our clients are what makes Refresh a success. However, this team’s job isn’t just to sell - it’s to create a personalized, custom experience for every client, one where they feel valued on the path to their credit goals. That’s what makes us Refresh Financial.

The Marketing team is the official voice of Refresh. Everything the public sees about the company comes through Marketing, from ads to social media, from the website to emails. Marketing ensures all messaging and content sounds like the Refresh brand, and looks super sharp at the same time.

Operations & Compliance

Being a financial company, we have to dot a lot of ‘i’s and cross a lot of ‘t’s to ensure regulatory compliance. For our solutions to be successful for our clients, partners, and the company as a whole, we need to have everything running smoothly from an operational perspective.

Technology & Development

The “Dev” team is responsible for all things web and software at Refresh. In other words, they design and build “really cool stuff” including high tech proprietary tools and platforms that not only make our clients' lives easier, but help shape the unique Refresh client experience.

The Data team exists to assist the company in making the best decisions possible with all available data. As well as crunching numbers and making useful inferences from what they find, this team helps develop our products to make them the best in Canada. They also make sure everything gets reported to TransUnion and Equifax.

What kind of financial company would we be if we didn’t have a Finance team?! This group of talented individuals makes sure that we are getting paid by our clients, and that we are paying our own bills. They literally keep the lights on in the office, and drive the success of our clients!

People & Culture

Our People & Culture team is the glue that holds everything together. They ensure the right people are in the right positions in all the teams above. Not only that, but this team wants to make sure that people are happy in their roles! If you’re looking for a position at Refresh, your first touch point will be with our People & Culture team.

Refresh Financial welcomes
co-op students!

Refresh is always on the lookout for motivated, detail-oriented 3rd or 4th year post-secondary students who wish to supplement their education and work experience with the support of Refresh Financial.

We understand the need for you to have meaningful work during your co-op education and we will therefore give you as much freedom and responsibility as you demonstrate you can handle. We want to provide co-op students with positions that are challenging, multifaceted and rewarding. Our goal is for you to come away with an enhanced skill set that will serve you well in your chosen career.

If you are interested in a co-op placement at Refresh, get in touch with our People & Culture team at

What Canadians are saying about Refresh

I would like to thank Refresh Financial for helping me get out of a bad spot. I never thought it was possible and almost gave up on things and then I saw Refresh Financial and and gave it a try. At first I was unsure of things but to see my credit score now makes me a believer in this program.

– Aaron A

“It hasn’t even been a year yet, possibly only 6-7 months, and my TransUnion score has gone up over 100 points. That was only the tip of the iceberg as recently I was able to get a consolidation loan from my bank that allowed me to move forward and make things easier for me. Talk about second chances!”

– Angelica M

“I am now in a position where I am able to obtain credit (just bought a brand-new car and refinanced my mortgage for a fantastic rate) and it took little to no time at all. I would 100% recommend Refresh to anyone looking to rebuild credit with as little hassle as possible.”

– Cathy M

“I had not heard of a company doing such a thing before someone suggested it to me and it made sense. I am not very good at saving money and Refresh Financial helped me. I have dealt with them for years now and never had a problem. The customer service is excellent and fast.”

– Chris C

Refresh helped me regain credit following a nasty divorce, which left me with a very poor rating. They were able to remarkably help me go from a 480 to a 600 score, in just over a year. Thank you Refresh!”

– Deb K

I have watched my credit score jump since being with Refresh and I have already recommended it to friends and family. Thank you for helping me build my credit faster for my future and my children’s future :)”

– Heather T

At first I was skeptical because I wasn’t getting funds upfront and had to make payments when I really needed the money. I’ve been in the program a year now and have noticed my credit has improved drastically!”

– Irene L

I have been a client of Refresh Financial for approximately 3 years. Since being a client they have improved my credit immensely. Definitely recommend this company to anybody that needs help re-establishing credit.”

– Jason I

“I recommend this program to anyone having credit issues. At the end of the agreement, your money is refunded to you. There were times I found myself short on cash and Refresh, with permission, used a portion of my money to clear up my arrears.”

– Margaret L

“I would like to thank Refresh Financial for their professionalism, great customer service and for helping get back to a better financial situation. I have always been treated with the utmost respect.”

– Martine B

Refresh Financial is an amazing program to help people get back on their feet. I was rock bottom with nowhere to turn. My credit was beyond poor. I would recommend them to anyone. If I can do it surely anyone else can.”

– Matthew S

“Great company to deal with for rebuilding credit, very simple process to get started. Good service if you ever have questions.”

– Mike L

This business truly cares about its clients. The customer service is always quick to return calls or emails. Their online portal functions very well so as a customer you are always updated as you progress with your loan.

– Phil J

“Refresh Financial has made us more aware of how to take care of our financial situation and be more responsible, and making payments on time is rewarding in the end for credit. Thank You sincerely.”

– Rocky M.

“Refresh financial is great!!! They boosted my credit score, helped me save money and helped my husband and I buy our house;) I was not only a number to them, they stayed in touch and helped me out along the way. Answered all my questions and concerns.”

– Sara B

“Refresh Financial had been exceptionally good to me! I’ve just been out on medical leave and they have accommodated me with my payments without hesitation!! I was in a really bad spot with my credit and they have helped me to try and correct it!! Bravo!”

– Shannon B

This company has been nothing but fantastic. They have gone above and beyond to help me. This program has given me the relief and peace of mind I need. I would certainly go back to them and give them names of people who could use this.”

– Shirley K

The financial services products are excellent for new immigrants, low-income earners and small business owners. Loans, savings and credit building all in one solution is a perfect fit to help with financial goals and stability.”

– Soraya H

“After successfully going through a credit rebuilding loan, I was able to use my built-up equity to purchase a newer vehicle and I have since been approved through a financial institution for a loan.”

– Tanya W

“I made some poor credit choices when I turned 18 and have always had this lingering thought of how am I ever going to better my score. Since being with Refresh I have realized that I took the right step towards bettering my future.”

– Taylor B

“Thank you Refresh, and my relationship manager for giving me the tools for a better score with a secured card and two credit builder loans. I feel absolutely confident I’m on a better path to financial success. I am happy to be a long term client.”

– Trevor P

I’m so excited I’ve joined refresh! I’ve already seen a huge increase on my credit after the first month! The staff are a delight and make this so easy to understand. I strongly recommend Refresh Financial even if you have good credit this will give you a boost and you’re saving money with the reverse loan!”

– Wayne B