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Say goodbye to 'no'!

Bankruptcy? Divorce? Poor Credit? No Problem! The Refresh program is designed to jump start your journey to a brighter financial future.

How does it work?
It’s pretty simple! We provide you with a loan, but you don’t receive the funds yet. We put the loan amount into a secured account with a financial institution. It’s out of our hands, but not quite in your hands yet. You make affordable, scheduled payments towards this secured amount, which allows us to report every payment you make to the credit bureau, raising your credit score and building savings. Our program is an open installment loan - you can pay it off faster, cancel early, or take out your savings for those emergencies or long-term goals.

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Free Credit Score

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Boost your credit

Every payment you make gets reported to the credit bureaus, giving you that all important positive payment history.


Build your savings

By the end of your program, you'll have a stash of cash to use however you like*.


Say goodbye to no

Hearing no when it comes to your finances will become a thing of the past with good credit, financial fitness, and savings up your sleeve.

Approvals - Approvals are subject to Refresh Financial's review and underwriting guidelines which requires minimum monthly income, ID & banking verification.

Refresh Financial Inc. and its loan products are not affiliated with any credit reporting bureau or entity in Canada.

Credit Impact - Refresh Financial offers short term secured savings loans and is not a credit repair service. A Refresh loan may help improve your credit score by building a credit history provided your payments are made in full and on time. While having a loan and honoring its obligations can help build credit, potential creditors may see too many loans as an increased risk, and failure to meet repayment obligations will result in a negative report to the credit bureaus, which would reduce your credit score. Please borrow responsibly.

Financial Implications - Across Canada (excluding Saskatchewan and Quebec) Refresh Financial offers secured savings loans, provided by Refresh Capital Corp. of $1,600 (36 months at 7.95%), $2,900 (36 months at 7.95%), $6,500 (60 months at 6.95%), $10,000 (60 months at 5.95%), and $25,000 (60 months at 5.95%). In Quebec, loans are offered at $1,200 (36 months at 29.95%) and $2,300 (36 months at 29.95%). The APR (excluding Quebec) ranges from 9.47% - 20.07% depends on the size of the loan chosen and includes a loan set-up fee of $200-$400, deducted from the loan proceeds.

*Refresh f.i.t is part of the paid Black Tier experience of the Refresh self-serve dashboard.

Refresh Financial - Testimonial

I went through bankruptcy. When I started, my beacon score was next to zero and now it is at 610. I am really happy with the service so far and plan on seeing it through to the end.

Sydney, Nova Scotia