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Refresh Financial credit-building information kit for debtors now accessible through FileAssure’s industry-leading insolvency management platform

August 9, 2018

A recent update to leading insolvency SaaS platform – FileAssure – unlocks a simple but significant feature that allows trustees and their staff to deliver great service, while putting debtors at ease about the all-important topic of credit-rebuilding post-consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Delivery of a comprehensive digital information package can be initiated via a single button-click in FileAssure; providing a quick answer to often-misplaced concerns about the process of re-building credit before, during and after insolvency proceedings. The “Credit Building Package” button triggers delivery of a “Starting over after consumer proposal or bankruptcy” information package. This will be sent directly to the debtor on behalf of the Trustee.

“Refresh Financial is excited to partner with Momentuum, integrating with the FileAssure platform and allowing trustees across Canada to educate debtors about important credit-building options, in a convenient and timely fashion, so that debtors can make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of their newfound financial future,” says Michael Wendland, CEO of Refresh Financial.

Matt Yeatman, President of Momentuum comments, “We are pleased to welcome such a trusted and valued partner to the FileAssure platform. The Refresh Financial integration provides our clients with a powerful new tool to help those in financial distress rebuild their credit. We continue to seek out partnerships that drive efficiency and deliver value for the Insolvency community.”

The Credit Building Package is also available for download directly through Refresh Financial’s website,

Refresh Financial Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated fintech, based in Kelowna, BC. Since inception, the company has helped more than 65,000 debtors from coast-to-coast build and re-establish positive credit history by using low-risk tools including its home grown secured credit card and cash secured savings loan offerings. With over 800 referral partner locations and a complimentary online financial intelligence training program, Refresh F.I.T., Canadians can now access tools to help them achieve and sustain long term financial success.

Momentuum is a Canadian provider of purpose-built SaaS Solutions, which focus on delivering innovative ways to satisfy the needs of Canadian financial and government sectors by providing flexible client-focused business applications, all within a secure, responsive and flexible environment. Momentuum’s Records Management, Intake and Workflow platform (FileAssure) has revolutionized the Financial Restructuring Industry across Canada by changing the how firms communicate with their customers, structure their operations and administer their client’s files. Momentuum is a Canadian-owned and operated company with all aspects from design to support managed within Canada.

For further information: Mike Penninga, Public Relations,
Refresh Financial Inc. 230-1628 Dickson Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9X1,

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