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While building credit, I want:

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Two of the safest ways to build your credit score are:

Our recommendation

Cash Secured Savings Loan

Our recommendation

Secured Credit Card

Cash Secured Loan


Secured Credit Card

What is it?

A loan that you repay before gettּing access to the funds. No funds are provided upfront. Instead, funds are placed into a secured account to be accessed later. Your payments are reported to the credit bureaus, impacting your credit score.Just like a regular credit card except that approval is guaranteed as you secure the card with some of your own funds. Your monthly payments are reported to the credit bureaus, impacting your credit score.

Interest rate

5.95% - 7.95%
(APR 9.47% - 20.07%†)

Helps me save money?

No cash upfront?

A 'set it and forget it’ solution for building credit?

Approval with no credit check?

Can be approved without a co-signer?

Access to financial education**

Build credit on daily purchases?

Paid Referral Program***

*Assuming chosen payment frequency is Monthly.

**Refresh f.i.t is part of the paid Black Tier experience of the Refresh self-serve dashboard. With Refresh f.i.t, you can get access to online courses that teach you about money management.

***$100 for every person that signs up for a Cash Secured Savings Loan

Approvals - Approvals are subject to Refresh Financial's review and underwriting guidelines which requires minimum monthly income, ID & banking verification.

Refresh Financial Inc. and its loan products are not affiliated with any credit reporting bureau or entity in Canada.

Credit Impact - Refresh Financial offers short term secured savings loans and is not a credit repair service. A Refresh loan may help improve your credit score by building a credit history provided your payments are made in full and on time. While having a loan and honoring its obligations can help build credit, potential creditors may see too many loans as an increased risk, and failure to meet repayment obligations will result in a negative report to the credit bureaus, which would reduce your credit score. Please borrow responsibly.

†Financial Implications - Across Canada (excluding Saskatchewan and Quebec) Refresh Financial offers secured savings loans, provided by Refresh Capital Corp. of $1,600 (36 months at 7.95%), $2,900 (36 months at 7.95%), $6,500 (60 months at 6.95%), $10,000 (60 months at 5.95%), and $25,000 (60 months at 5.95%). In Quebec, loans are offered at $1,600 (60 months at 23.50%), $3,000(60 months at 23.50%), $6,000 (60 months at 23.50%), $12,000 (60 months at 23.50%), and $30,000 (60 months at 23.50%). The APR (excluding Quebec) ranges from 9.47% - 20.07% depends on the size of the loan chosen and includes a loan set-up fee of $250-$2,000, deducted from the loan proceeds.

Why should I care about building credit?

Your credit score is a reflection of how responsible you are as a borrower. Do you pay back money when you say you’re going to pay it back? Lenders look at your credit score when deciding if they should loan you money. Unfortunately, for many people, building credit isn’t something that is given much thought until they need to borrow money.

There’s nothing worse than being declined for a loan, whether a cash loan, vehicle loan, mortgage etc, or being offered only the highest interest rates. That’s when building credit becomes important. That’s when people start asking “how can I build my credit score?”. Rather than leaving it until you really need the approval, start thinking about the best ways to build credit today as this can save you a lot of money in interest payments down the road. Building credit may seem like a dauting prospect – but it’s not – you just need the right tools and support along the way.

Refresh Financial’s products are two of the best ways to build credit safely – without going into debt. Apply today, and get a head-start on your credit building journey.

Build credit, not debt

Cash Secured Savings Loan

Cash Secured Savings Loan

  • • No money required upfront
  • • Lowest interest rate
  • • Set it and forget it

Secured Credit Card

Secured Credit Card

  • • Guaranteed approval
  • • No credit check
  • • Low annual fee

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