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Why get a Refresh loan?

Why get a Refresh Loan

Building your savings through a Refresh loan could help you save thousands in long term interest costs.

Why get a Refresh Loan

Over 97% of applicants for a Refresh Secured Savings Loan are Approved!

Why get a Refresh Loan

A Refresh Savings Loan is a great way to automatically build up your savings to be used for a rainy day, emergency expense, or vacation!

Why get a Refresh Loan

Refresh is passionate about supporting financial literacy, and is a proud supporter of Metro UP, a Canadian registered charity designed to help low-income individuals move forward in life. Learn more.

Why get a Refresh Loan

Fill out an application in less than 10 minutes! Loan approvals are provided within 24 business hours of submitting your complete application.

Get approved for up to $5,500 within 24hrs and make the most of your financial future.