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Last year around this time I was declined for vehicle financing. I was making more than I am now and had better stability in my job and address yet I was declined. I had no borrowing history. Credit cards sure but no installment payments showing on my report. Its next to impossible to get experience without having experience. Then I learnt about The Refresh Program. I signed up for a $2300.00 loan because in 3 years I want to get my own piece of land and $2300.00 will go a long way towards a down payment.

So not only am I saving for a house but I am building my credit too.

This year I was approved for financing through for auto financing and now I have a shiny new ride to cruise around in and an interest rate I can afford.

So I just wanted to say thank you. I would still be driving my '92 saturn if it wasnt for the effect Refresh Financial has had on my credit report. ”

David, Nanaimo, BC
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