Fresh Start Program™

Everyone deserves a new beginning. With our Fresh Start Program, we are here to help you get yours.

Is Fresh Start for Me?

Did an emergency or life transition damage your credit? Did “past you” make some bad financial decisions? Have you been turned down for a loan? New to the country and building a new life? Bankruptcy or consumer proposal? Identity theft? If you have bad credit and are ready to change your financial future, then Fresh Start is for you.
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Why It Works

When applying for credit in Canada, banks use your credit score to determine how risky it is to lend you money. A bad credit score can mean that they won’t lend to you (or if they do, they will charge very high interest rates). Learn how credit works. Payment history is like the scorecard for your credit score. Doing something well will increase your credit score. If you perform not so well, you end up behind. Our Fresh Start Program gets you back to the financial basics — saving, making responsible payments, and keeping track of your progress along the way. Every payment you make in the program gets reported to the “judges” (credit bureau) as positive, and they increase your score accordingly.
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How It Works

When you sign up for Fresh Start, we don’t ask for your credit score (yes, really). We trust that you want to get back on track. All we need to know is that you are making the commitment to rebuilding your credit. We start by working through which of our program amounts suit you. Then we set up affordable payments for your budget and lifestyle. Each payment has a small portion of interest, so we can report your program as an ‘installment loan’ to the credit bureau. This proves to lenders that you are responsible and able to meet your money commitments over a period of time. But wait, there’s more! While there may not be money upfront, these payments you have been making are building up a little nest egg for you at the end. As only a portion of your payments go to interest and fees; the rest in your program is yours! So by finishing the Fresh Start Program, you get a new and improved credit score, the trust of lenders, a chunk of change to spend however you like, and the financial freedom to get the credit you need (at an affordable interest rate) whenever you need it.
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Hi a few months ago I was rejected for getting a new phone through a contract because of my poor credit rating due to old credit. No one would give me a chance until I started paying monthly payments to Refresh Financial. Now thanks to you I was approved for a new phone under a contract and it feels great not having to waste all that money on prepaid minutes for my phone even if I never used them. Now I'm saving money, rebuilding my credit and I owe it all to you. ”

Ashley, Stellerton, NS