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Whether you are looking to build credit for the first time, or just need a fresh start, we can help you out. Our programs are design to help you build credit and reach your financial goals while allowing you to save a bit of cash at the same time. All of our programs come with access to our Refresh f.i.t video learning course. We also offer credit monitoring so you can watch your credit grow with every payment you make!

Dream Big

Credit Builder Program™

You've got big dreams: travel, a family, starting a business. Credit can help you realize your future and achieve those goals, but you need a good credit score to get credit. So what do you do if you don't have a credit score in Canada? With our Credit Builder Program™, you can start building your credit safely and affordably. At the end of the program, you'll even have some savings waiting for you! Get started with our Credit Builder Program™.
  • 97% approval rate
  • No credit check required
  • Save money
  • Reduce long-term interest
  • Bankruptcy and consumer proposal accepted
  • Build from bad or no credit
Get started today

We help you build credit

Every payment you make gets reported to the credit bureaus, giving you that all important positive payment history.

We help you build savings

By the end of your program, you’ll have a stash of cash to use however you like*.

We give you financial wisdom

From our online Refresh f.i.t. service through to our Dime Turner blog, our members become financially savvy.

We are a cut above the rest

From free credit consultations to finding you just the right fit in our program, we tailor our service to our members. You’re never just a number to us.

*Savings begin to be built after paying off initial commitment fee.