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Your 2017 Holiday Spending Plan

Your 2017 Holiday Spending Plan

How to avoid post-holiday credit debt this holiday season How much do you spend during Christmas holidays? Did you know that the average Canadian spends about $1500 every year during the holiday shopping season? For some, this can lead to excess debt and can make the holiday season a stressful time of year. After assessing the […]...more

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Lied on A Credit Application? Here’s What You Can Expect

  Applying for credit is pretty straightforward. After you apply, the lender will check your credit score and determine how risky of a borrower you are. But how much weight does your application carry, and can a great application outshine a damaged credit score? Can you lie your way to a new credit card? Here’s […]...more

Before You Buy Your First Home: Are You Aware Of All The Fees?

  Although stressful, becoming a homebuyer for the first time is an incredibly exciting experience. Offers can go back and forth, financing can take forever, and everything has to be done and signed by the closing date. As the closing date approaches, things seem to get more and more hectic. The stress of buying a […]...more

What To Do If Your Employer Does Not Offer A Retirement Plan?

  Canadians who are employed full-time typically have retirement plans built into their employment, and employers will often match your RRSP contributions as a benefit of your employment. However, that’s not always the case with some of us. If you’re working for an employer who does not offer a retirement plan, what are you supposed […]...more

7 Reasons To Answer That Call From Collections

  If you have a debt that’s gone to collections, it can be a stressful experience. You get threatening letters so often that just checking your mail gives you anxiety. You avoid answering phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize because you know it could be someone asking you to pay your debts. Although it […]...more

10 Signs You Need A Secured Savings Loan

  Here at Refresh Financial, we offer secured savings loans to help boost your credit score and kick-start your savings, and today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at how they work and why you should have one. One of the advantages of a secured savings loan is that you don’t have to pay […]...more

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In February 2015, I tried to apply for a loan so I could pay off my school debts and my credit card. At least put a dent into my payments. Well, things went all wrong and I was denied for approval of a loan.

Refresh Financial contacted me, concerned as they are to help individuals like myself to have a better future. We went over my finances and decided that the Refresh Financial loan will bring up my credit score to apply for a loan.

I was greatly impressed when every month I saw my credit climbing to the numbers I wanted from the beginning. I was entirely happy for my credit score being higher. My job as well, I made it possible to pay bi-weekly on my payments. With that being said, I learnt to pay my outstanding bills instead of spending money.

I only not have better credit, I have better spending habits and I am happy with the results! ”

Jessica, Frog Lake, AB