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Did You Know? There Is A Statute of Limitations for Debt

Did You Know? There Is A Statute of Limitations for Debt

One of the biggest surprises you can get when you spend years avoiding collections calls, is that one day the calls may suddenly stop. ...more

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Hooked on Online Shopping? Beware These Common Scams

Shopping online is easy. With the click of a button, you can have anything you need, delivered right to your door in just a few days. ...more

How To Recover From Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal: A Step By Step Guide

So, you’ve gotten yourself into a little bit of credit trouble. You’ve got no other way out but to declare bankruptcy or go through a consumer proposal. ...more

Ontario Piloting Financial Literacy Program In High Schools

Most of us grew up without much of a financial education. We graduated high school barely knowing how to cash a cheque. ...more

How To Build Credit, Fast

If you’re ready to take the leap into homeownership, and are only being held back by your credit score, it can be really difficult to be patient. ...more

Tips and Tricks To Save On Car Repair Bills

Whether you love or loathe your car, your treatment of it can impact on your wallet. And the more neglect it takes, the higher your repair bills will be. ...more

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I've done pay day loans in the past but didn't know a whole lot about credit until recently. So I checked into my credit score. I was very disappointed to find that I had a 0 credit score as I have never had or needed any credit cards or lines of credit. I knew I wanted to buy the house I live in so I knew work was needed, but I never thought it would be as easy as purchasing REFRESH!!! I bought it in June of this year, waited or 2 months and was approved for my first credit card. I was so excited. It gets better!!! Then I waited 5 months, and would you believe it. Only 5 months after purchasing refresh my credit score was strong enough to finally get approved for my first brand new car with no down payment, low biweekly payments, no cosigner, and no car trade in. My bank also tells me if everything stays good I will own my home within a year. After years of thinking there was no hope I am only months away from owning my home. THANKS REFRESH!!!! Please share this story with everyone you can! ”

Emily, Truro, NS