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Can Checking Your Own Credit Score Make You More Vulnerable To Hacks Like Equifax?

 Can Checking Your Own Credit Score Make You More Vulnerable To Hacks Like Equifax?

It's hard to get through the day without hearing some form of news on the Equifax hacks. Nearly every news outlet is offering advice to consumers who've been affected by the breach. If you're not concerned, you're among the minority. Many people are starting to question the safety of doing anything credit related, like checking your score online. But can checking your own credit score make you more vulnerable to hacks like Equifax?

Is Your Information Safe?

You have to enter a significant amount of personal information in order to check your credit score. So is it safe to enter this information on the internet to obtain your credit score? Will it compromise your security?

The answer is no. Checking your credit score does not pose any security risk. The credit bureaus that record your credit score already have this information on record. Entering this information on Equifax's or TransUnions's website is not providing the credit bureaus with new information since they already have this on file.

What many people don't seem to understand about the Equifax hack, is that they are an Equifax consumer, regardless if they've ever sought out their services. Equifax is a credit bureau. All of your creditors, lenders, mortgage providers, utility providers and anyone you are indebted to, are already providing your information to the bureaus. Every person in Canada who’s had a bill in their name, a credit card in their name, a car loan or mortgage or line of credit has a file with all of our information stored at Equifax and TransUnion. This is why the Equifax breach is so significant.

Your risk of falling victim to identity theft is the same, regardless if you manually check your credit score or not. One thing to watch out for though is not providing any of your sensitive information into an unsecured website. Make sure you always deal with a reputable company to avoid exposing yourself.

So, if you've been wanting to check your score, go for it! Deal with the credit bureaus directly, or through a company that you know to be reputable. Read reviews and find out what experiences others have had with the company.

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Have you been worried lately about hacks and identity theft? Let us know in the comments!

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