Refresh f.i.t - Free Financial Training l Refresh Financial

Refresh f.i.t (short for ‘Financial Intelligence Training’) is your toolkit for everything you need to know about finances, money, and most importantly, building credit! With f.i.t., you will learn the money tips and tricks you didn’t learn in school. Since it is all online, you can watch the short and sweet videos on the go, at home, or wherever you like (really!)

What You’ll Get

f.i.t is broken into 7 simple series. Each series contains 8 or so episodes, which you can binge watch as quickly (or as slowly) as you like. You can even pick up prizes along the way!

Money Myths

Rags to riches and back again. Do you know why lottery winners often wind up declaring bankruptcy? (Hint – they didn’t have f.i.t.)

Credit and Credit Cards

Reading a credit report or figuring out the best loan for you? We’ll show you how to ace these credit traps, the secrets to look for, and more. P.s Did you  know Refresh now has a secured credit card? It’s true! Apply for your secured Visa today – you’re guaranteed approval!

How to Save Money

Saving money is easy, once you know the ‘Golden Rule’ to getting ahead (it’s a game changer!).

Building Wealth

Now you’ve got those pretty pennies in the bank, let’s figure out how to multiply them so that you can relax.


Did you know that 63% of people don’t enjoy their job? But you can, and we’ll show you how!

Setting Financial Goals

Want to succeed? Learn how to set your goals, find the path to reach them, and stick to it. #lifegoals

Building your Personal Brand

Your brand is your front cover — how the world sees you. Make it work for you and your bank account.

Become Empowered

Our programs are about giving you a fresh perspective and new outlook on life. We want to make learning fun, interactive, and easy. That is why Refresh f.i.t is part of our Black Tier Dashboard. They say knowledge is power, and by the end of the f.i.t program, you’ll have the ‘know how’ you need to build a better future!
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