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5 Smartphone Apps to Help Rebuild Your Credit

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Actively working towards a better credit score can be a lot of work. There are so many variables we need to keep our eyes on: keeping track of bills and balances, getting a good look at our spending, balancing budgets while making sure we’re making all of the payments we are obligated to. It’s a lot to be aware of all at once.

It’s fortunate we live in the day and age we do, though, because there is more help out there than ever. Aside from companies like Refresh Financial, who set you down on a direct path to better credit, there is also tons of tech geared towards building your financial security.

Here are five apps you can find in the Canadian App Store that will help you build your credit:

Mint - This app is the top rated money management app available in the Canadian app store. It’s free, and labelled an essential app by Apple itself. You can download Mint for your Apple watch as well, where you can get bill reminders, set a household budget, track your spending and more. This app has received many high profile accolades from financial professionals across the globe. We agree with Apple. This is a must-have app.

Grab it for iOS here and Android here.

Manulife Goalkeeper App - This app will help you set, track and reach your savings goals. The app is totally free and also helps you track your spending. Its beautiful user interface makes it easy and pleasant to use as well.

Note: This app is currently no longer available.

Epost from Canada Post - Consolidate all your bills in one place, digitally, not just to reduce the amount of paper you use, but also because everything about this app is more convenient. All your bills are in just one place where you can connect your bank account to pay them. The app also stores all of your bills and statements for seven years. Yes, seven years. So, throw out your filing cabinet and grab this amazing little app that 8 million other Canadians are using.

Grab it for iOS here.

Receipts by Wave - Get rid of all those receipts in your purse or your junk drawer by taking a snapshot with your smartphone’s camera and adding it to this app. The app will keep all your receipts organized and it is as easy as just taking a quick pic.

Get it for iOS here.

Debt Payoff Assistant - Keep track of all your debts, while you create a personalized plan to pay them off. This app makes use of the snowball method of debt payoff, where you work towards paying off one debt at a time, and use the freed up payments from your cleared debts to work towards paying off your next debt. This way, paying off your debts becomes faster, the further along you get. Get beautiful and easy to understand visuals of your personal debt with this app, and watch as it shrinks.

Grab it for iOS here.

There are a ton of people out there setting up more and more routes to success. Make use of these tools your mom and dad wish they’d had when they were paying down their own debts, in the years before smartphones. All of this tech can definitely help you land where you want to be, but if you want even more assurance, make sure to sign up for Refresh's program and get that much closer to financial security.

Do you have a favourite financial app? Let us know in the comments!

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