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Do You Have These Common Credit Card Perks?

 Common Credit Card Perks

Does your credit card have perks attached to it? We're not talking about rewards, that's different. Perks are bonuses you get just for being a cardholder. Some common credit card perks include discounts and access to exclusive events. Most credit cards come with built-in perks that you have access to from day one. Here are a few of the more common ones:

1. Roadside assistance

- There are numerous cards available in Canada with free roadside assistance included. The most popular credit card in Canada with free roadside assistance is the BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard. There are others that offer it though, so it might be worth checking if yours does!

2. Discounts

- Some credit cards come with discounts towards different things like car rentals, hotels, concert tickets and more. For example, the Scotiabank American Express Card offers discounts on travel expenses. You can save money on your hotels, flights and vacation packages.

3. Travel insurance

- Many Canadian credit cards come with built-in travel insurance. The MBNA Platinum Mastercard Credit Card, for example, comes with car rental insurance, trip interruption insurance, and even more perks.

4. Front of line access to event tickets

- All American Express cardholders get early access to select events, concerts, and shows. Other credit cards in Canada offer similar perks, so it's worthwhile to check the fine print and see if you have access to any of these perks.

5. Purchase protection

- If you buy something and then find out soon after that the price dropped, purchase protection will allow you to get refunded the price difference. Check to see if your card offers this perk!

6. Extended warranties

- When your credit card has this perk, your purchases will be protected by an extended warranty beyond the manufacturer's warranty. This can be incredibly valuable depending on what you buy with your card. As an example, the CIBC Visa Infinite Privilege comes with three years extended coverage on certain purchases made on the card.

7. Waived foreign transaction fee

- If you're traveling in a foreign country or you're making purchases online in another currency, your transaction fees can get pretty big. Some cards, like the Home Trust Preferred Visa, will waive these foreign transaction fees!

As we can see, different cards can offer different perks. Which ones are best for you depends on your lifestyle! Remember, when you're in the market for a new card, take a look at the perks they offer, because being matched with the right card can save you a ton! We hope our list encourages you to do your homework when it comes to selecting a new card.

What type of perks does your card come with? Let us know in the comments!

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