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COVID-19 Resources: Still working and looking for ways to take advantage of the current climate?

coronavirus financial resources

The current economic situation caused by COVID-19 is proving to be incredibly challenging financially for the millions of Canadians that have lost their jobs or who are living on a significantly reduced income. Many others, however, still have their jobs, and others still, such as healthcare workers and other front line workers are working and earning more than usual during the pandemic.

If you are still working and have not lost your income, there are ways that you can take advantage of the current economic climate to make smart financial moves:

Above all else, be smart with your income. If your job is not guaranteed, make sure you are still living well within your means, and even try to cut down on some of your expenses just to be on the safe side. For those with guaranteed employment for the duration of the pandemic, now is the time to make good financial choices that can set you up for the future!

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