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Take The No-Credit Christmas Challenge

 No-Credit Christmas Challenge

Does the title sound a little scary to you? Bear with us. The no-credit Christmas challenge could save you a world of post-holiday stress.

The Stress Of The Holidays

It's that time of year again when holidays rear their expensive head. It's exciting, but many of us are secretly recoiling in fear. Stress levels increase as we enjoy Christmas dinners, gift wrapping, stuffing stockings and driving from one party to the next. It's tough to afford these things, and the knowledge that these expenses are all going on plastic can be downright frightening. This type of stress can rob us of our enjoyment and steal any peace we were hoping to experience.

It's a silly question to ask, but wouldn't the holidays be better without that stress? Even if it meant that we did a little less splurging? Wouldn't we be able to enjoy it all just a little bit more if we weren't dreading the credit card bill at the end of it?

Is It Possible?

The holidays would be a little bit cheerier if we weren't spending money we didn't have, so why do it? I propose we don't! Let's leave our credit cards at home when we're shopping during the holidays and stick to cash in hand.

Is it possible? Yes. Will it be easy? Probably not. It might mean you buy your husband a used drill on Craigslist instead of the shiny new one at Canadian Tire. And it could mean that your wife gets generic brand makeup in her stocking instead of the expensive stuff from Sephora.

Having a credit-free Christmas could mean that you have to cash in on your points to put some presents under the tree. It could also suggest you have to get creative with your gifts and go the DIY route. Christmas dinner could be a potluck, and thrift stores could become your go-to shopping stop.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

This is the credit-free Christmas challenge. I challenge you to put your credit cards away this winter and experience the holidays stress-free. You might find out that a Christmas without the money stress is far better and more enjoyable than previous Christmas’s that ended in debt. You might find out that Christmas is not about the best gifts, the flashiest decorations or gourmet meals. It's possible you could discover that Christmas is really about the people you love.

So tuck your credit cards somewhere safe, and don't touch them until after you've rung in the New Year.

Good luck!


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