10 Facebook Pages to Like if You're Money Conscious

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10 Facebook Pages That Every Money-Conscious Canadian Should Like

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Facebook can be frustrating. With all those videos, memes and so many ads, it’s difficult to find what truly interests you. And we can hardly disconnect and avoid it these days. It is, for some, the only way they stay in contact, so you might find that you’re there more often than you want to be. So, if you’re going to be there anyway, you might as well fill your feed with some information that will help you boost your credit score reach your financial goals!

Here are 10 fantastic Facebook pages that will help you do just that:

1. Get Rich Slowly

This page boasts that they share unbiased advice from experts and if you spend enough time on there, you’ll see the quality is there. You'll learn how to build your credit, how to save and more.  Check it out: facebook.com/GetRichSlowly

2. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi is a bestselling author and financial guru who has some of the best personal finance advice out there. Grow your credit score and learn to save your money. This is his Facebook page and one you definitely want to check out: facebook.com/IWT

3. Financial Peace

For those of you who prefer to do things by the book, this page is a great resource. Biblically inspired money advice will help you learn to handle your money and work on credit building in the context of your faith: facebook.com/FinancialPeace/

4. Dave Ramsey

The author of the Total Money Makeover, Dave is a recognized money guru the world over. Following Dave’s advice as he shares it on Facebook will surely land you in a better financial situation and the best part is that he’s found a way to make learning about money interesting and entertaining. Check it out: facebook.com/daveramsey/

5. Rachel Cruze

Dave Ramsey’s daughter is here for the younger generation, to give you money advice and teach you how to build your credit in a language a younger crowd might understand. She’s inspiring, smart and has obviously not fallen far from the tree. Check it out: facebook.com/rachelramseycruze/

6. Money Sense Magazine

This is Canada’s bestselling money magazine and their Facebook page is full of personal finance advice tailor-made for Canadians. Liking this page can help you boost your credit score.  Take a peek: facebook.com/MoneySenseMagazine/

7. Get Smarter About Money

Get Smarter About Money is the Facebook page of the Ontario Securities Commission and often has information about financial security and fraud, as well as information on investments, work on credit building and how to grow your money as a Canadian. See it here: facebook.com/GetSmarterAboutMoney/

8. Squawk Fox

Kerry K. Taylor is a Canadian financial guru whose advice for how to build your credit is perfect for the average Canadian family. You’ll find ways to save money, ways to manage your money and ways to pass on good money sense to your kids. You can find her page here: facebook.com/squawkfox/

9. Canadian Finance Blog

Learn to spend less, work on credit building and save more. This page will help get you well on your way to saving for your future. Check it out: facebook.com/CanadianFinanceBlog/

10. Refresh Financial

Of course, no list of finance-centred Facebook pages for Canadians would be complete without mention of our blog. You can continue to expect daily tips, hacks and advice from us that will help you reach your money goals. Make sure you like our page on Facebook: facebook.com/RefreshFinancial/

What are some of your favourite Facebook finance pages? Let us know in the comments!

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