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12 Financial Gurus To Follow On Twitter


If you’re an avid Twitter user, chances are it’s where you go to get the latest in everything that interests you. Truly committed Twitter users get accustomed to this timely way to get the news. It’s a great place to keep up with a hockey game, or a major election, or perhaps a breaking story.

So if you find yourself headed to Twitter to see what’s going on in the world, you should add these twelve financial gurus to your timeline. Following them is bound to get you ahead of the game when it comes to your finances, as each and every one of them posts constant relevant information that can change your bottom line. Here are 12 financial gurus you ought to follow on Twitter:

1. Frugal Trader

The goal here is to have a net worth of a million dollars by the time you’re 35. A Canadian account, this will give you relevant advice and the latest news about saving money.

Follow the Frugal Trader on Twitter: @frugaltrader

2. Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica is a personal finance blogger and podcaster who will fill you in on everything you need to know for financial freedom.

Follow Jessica on Twitter: @jessi_moorhouse

3. Rubina Ahmed-Haq

Rubina is a Canadian personal finance genius who can be heard on CBC radio and Global News talking about how to get control of your financial future. You will not be disappointed following this money leader.

Follow Rubina on Twitter: @AlwaysSaveMoney

4. Rob Carrick

Rob is a Globe and Mail columnist who is looking out for the best interest of the Canadian consumer. Here, you’re going to find invaluable information on what to avoid and what to do so that your future looks wealthy:

Follow Rob on Twitter: @rcarrick

5. Dave Ramsay

We’ve talked about Dave before, and there’s a good reason he keeps coming up. The man has changed the lives of thousands of North Americans and his advice is invaluable. It’s easy to understand and implement, and when you actually apply yourself to Dave’s Total Money Makeover, you are going to see immediate changes happening to your finances in an absolutely great way.

Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveRamsey

6. Preet Banerjee

Preet is also a YouTuber and has a huge audience. The reason why, though, is because he’s committed to getting you to understand your money. Following Preet will ensure your Twitter timeline is full of great money advice geared towards Canadians.

Follow Preet on Twitter: @preetbanerjee

7. Cait Flanders

Cait tweets from Victoria and is passionate about budgeting. She also happens to be passionate about teaching you how to budget.

Follow Cait on Twitter: @caitflanders

8. Ellen Roseman

Ellen is a Toronto Star columnist who tweets about money, especially when it comes to consumer protection and financial literacy. You’re going to learn what is a ripoff and what is a good buy, plus you’ll be up to date with current personal finance news.

Follow Ellen on Twitter: @ellenroseman

9. Robb Engen

Robb has a blog called Boomer and Echo, which serves as a coach that will lead you to financial freedom. You’ll find tonnes of good advice being tweeted here by this blogger from Lethbridge, Alberta.

Follow Robb on Twitter: @BoomerandEcho

10. Nelson Smith

Nelson approaches your finances with humour. Following him won’t just get you good advice on your money, but you’ll find a few good laughs along the way.

Follow Nelson on Twitter: @financialuproar

11. Carl Richards

Carl helps you visualize, with simple sketches, how to handle your money like a boss. His advice is easy to understand and follow and it’ll have you building wealth in no time.

Follow Carl on Twitter: @behaviorgap

12. Stephen Weyman

Stephen writes on his blog about saving without sacrificing quality of life. His Twitter stream is all about how you can save money and build your wealth.

Follow Stephen on Twitter: @HowToSave

Who are your favourite financial tweeters? Did we miss any really great ones? Let us know in the comments!

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