3 YouTube Channels That Will Change The Way You Think About Money

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3 Canadian YouTube Channels That Will Change The Way You Look At Money


Some people seem to look at YouTube and see a kid’s toy. It’s nothing but funny cat videos and music; there’s certainly nothing of substance there. It’s just another one of those apps on your phone that goes unused until Aunt Patty forwards you a link to Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and you watch it, confused as to what you’re supposed to be getting out of it.

YouTube is so much more, though. We’ve talked about some YouTubers who have made it big before, but we’ve never really dug into the best thing about YouTube: there is good, high-quality content, for everyone on just about any topic. YouTube is a vast library of knowledge, teeming with educational, instructional and extremely interesting content that can have a real and lasting effect on your life. There are top-notch cooking channels like Food Wishes. There are channels that teach you how to build things like Frank Howarth and Jimmy Diresta. There are channels that follow the process of a crazy inventor as he turns an idea into a real, tangible thing like Matthias Wandel. There are news networks like The Young Turks, and education like Crash Course and sports talk like Dude Perfect. Whatever your interest or need is, YouTube has something for you. Financial wellbeing is no different. Even financial wellbeing, credit building and becoming debt free in Canada.

Here are 3 Canadian finance-focused YouTube channels that will absolutely change the way you think about money:

Pretty Frugal Living - Torontonian Amrita Singh gives us tips, tricks, and lifehacks for saving money on just about anything. By the time you make your way through her vast library of well-organized videos, you’re going to have cut down your expenses significantly. Her videos are professional, short and easy to consume but they pack a punch. Check out Pretty Frugal Living to start saving money on everything you buy, now. There's no better way to boost your credit building efforts and get closer to your goal of being debt free than by spending less. Here's a video about foods you can freeze:

Freckle Finance - These guys have less than 100 subscribers, but the information on their channel is abundant and great. You’ll learn about managing your wealth from a Canadian perspective, in short, easy to watch bursts. There are tips for credit building and working towards becoming debt free. You'll learn the meaning of new phrases, like debt to income ratio.  Who doesn’t have time for a short video when it could be the difference between wealth and struggle (and learning what debt to income ratio means)? Here's a quick video about assessing the cost of living before you move to a new city:

Because Money - This robust YouTube channel is home to a podcast. Each episode is much longer than your average YouTube video, but the information you get access to is that much more in-depth and specific. This is the channel you listen to while you’re at the gym or maybe while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office. Lots of these episodes include interviews with big thinkers in entrepreneurship, business, investing, lending and more. Tips for building credit and living debt free are abundant. Listening to, or watching this podcast on a regular basis will make you wise beyond your years with your money. Here is an episode about budgeting:

These three channels combined is a serious recipe for success for any Canadian. You're going to come away from them understanding how to build your credit, knowing how to become debt free and you'll finally know what debt to income ratio means!


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