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A Step-By-Step Guide For Requesting A Raise

requesting a raise

Do you deserve a raise? Have you been loyal, reliable and worked hard at the company you’re with for a long time and seen no increase in your pay? Are you thinking of asking your boss for a raise? Well, before you do the deed, here are a few pointers for you, to help it go as smoothly as possible:

1. Do some research

Find out what other people in your position, with your experience, are being paid. Learn what time of year your company tends to consider salary increases. If you can, find out if others in your office have asked for a raise, and what the response was like.

2. Choose your salary

Based on what others are making in your position, choose the salary you want to go after. Make sure it’s reasonable, but aim a little high to make room for negotiations.

3. Create a backup plan

Plan for if you don’t get what you want, like negotiating for more benefits or vacation days.

4. Make an appointment with your boss

Be honest about what the meeting is about - don’t just saunter into their office one day and bring it up. Make sure they're ready to sit down and talk to you about this and give them time to review your performance.

5. Prepare your case

Make a list of convincing reasons why you think you deserve a raise. Ensure these are reasons that will interest your boss. They probably won't put too much stock in the fact that you want to save for a new truck with your raise. Instead, talk about your growth in your position at work.

6. Make sure you’re presentable

Dress nicely on the day of the meeting, although this is definitely good practice everyday.

7. During the meeting, don’t beat around the bush

Get right to it, and be clear about what you want and why you think you deserve it. Put some effort into letting your boss see how much thought you’ve put into this.

8. Make eye contact

Try to keep the “umm”s and “uhhh”s to a minimum. Be well-spoken and confident.

9. Paint a clear picture

Be sure to make reference to everything you’ve accomplished since your last raise, painting a clear picture of growth and progress. If you’ve gone out of your way to go above and beyond your job description, put a lot of emphasis on how you’ve done so.

10. Negotiate

Be ready and willing to negotiate once you’ve made your case.


When the meeting is over, you might find yourself waiting for an answer. Perhaps your boss needs to clear it with the higher-ups, or maybe they just wants more time to consider what you’ve laid out in front of them. While patience is indeed a virtue, you also want to make sure you follow up. A raise may be on the top of your priority list, but you can expect your boss has different priorities and may need to be poked, prodded and reminded to get back to you about your potential salary increase.

If all of this fails, and your request for a raise fails, ask your boss what they’d like to see improvement in, and how you can ensure that the next time you meet about a raise, that the answer is yes. Commit to making those things a reality and set your sights on asking again once you’ve accomplished them.

Have you ever had to ask for a raise? How did it go? Let us know in the comments!

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