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Free Online Tools To Help You Manage Your Money

Free Online Tools To Help You Manage Your Money

With the New Year fast approaching, some of us are vowing to eat healthier; others might start hitting the gym, but many are thinking about resolutions on how to manage our debt. If you're one of these Canadians ready to start the new year with a new attitude towards your money, you're likely looking for some free online debt management tools and software to help you along the way. You'll be happy to know, we've researched and found four free online tools to help you manage your money!

1. is a unique online tool that will aid you in developing a debt payment plan that perfectly suits you. This tool has many features and shows you just how quickly you can eliminate your debt. It'll even help you create your own spending plan to optimize your debt repayment efforts. You can also design a savings plan that works for you using Equipped with all sorts of calculators and educational resources, can enable you to become debt free, a better saver and financially secure, all through your own efforts.

This is a tool that no one should skim past. Go check out here.


This is another great tool that helps you develop a debt repayment plan. It focuses on reducing the amount of interest you're paying and getting you out of debt as fast as possible. With choices between the snowball and avalanche method of paying off debt, the tool gives you the freedom to choose a plan that truly works for you. It's free and you don't even need a login to access it.

Whether you're just curious or truly seeking help with overcoming a mountain of debt, this tool will be useful to you. Check out now!

3. Dave Ramsey

This is less of an online tool, but rather a tried and true method from the legend himself. This page outlines what the snowball method of debt repayment is and shows you how to plan it out accordingly. The idea is to work from your smallest principal debt to your largest, eliminating each debt as you go. As each debt is eliminated, it will allow you to contribute more and more towards your heavier debts. If you stay committed to this strategy, by the time you get to your largest debt, you'll be making such huge payments that it should disappear in no time. This method is a favorite of many financial gurus and really works.

Get started developing your snowball method plan now with Dave Ramsey,

4. Refresh Financial's credit score tools

One of the best reasons to improve your credit score is to gain access to lower interest rates on your future credit products. Refresh Financial has put together credit score calculators so you can determine how much money you would save on your car loans, mortgages and cash loans if you had a better credit score. You might be surprised what a difference a decent credit score can make.

These credit score tools can serve as a great motivation to start building your credit so that you're not paying more on interest than you have to. Everyone wants access to the best interest rates, and this tool shows you how.

Find out your Credit Score with Refresh Financial's free credit score tool here.

The Key To Successful Debt Management

These debt management tools are a great way to start the New Year off right and will help you discover a financially healthier life. All you need to bring to the table is your time, your willingness and your unwavering commitment to finally becoming debt free.

What online money tools do you use? Let us know in the comments!


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