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12 Must-See Movies About Money

The holidays are here and you’re looking to relax this weekend. You don’t want to think about work or money or bills or credit. You just want to sit back with some eggnog and relax. Thinking about money doesn’t have to be tiring, though! In fact, there are a ton of movies out there about money that would accompany your chilled drink just perfectly this weekend. Why not keep the financial wellness train going over the holidays with a few great movies about money? Check them out our 12 best movies about money:

The Wolf of Wall Street - Leo is spectacular in this film about Jordan Belfort, who made a mint suckering people out of their money. This movie will make you want to do your research before investing anything!

Glengarry Glen Ross - If you love Kevin Spacey, you’ll love this movie about the pressures put on salesmen during downsizing. Being laid off is a reality that many have to face. This movie shows you how not to avoid it.

The Pursuit of Happiness - Will Smith gives a heartfelt performance in this movie about a father who works his butt off to come out of homelessness and poverty and to build a stable life for him and his son. You’ll need kleenex for this one, but hopefully, it will inspire you to keep that forward motion to financial wellbeing going.

It’s a Wonderful Life - This Christmas classic is about more than just the magic of the season. It’s about the heaviness money problems can bring on a person, and how desperate measures are never the answer. No matter how bad someone’s money situation may seem, brighter times lay ahead. Especially if you put your mind to it and truly commit to better things.

Maxed Out - This is a documentary film about consumer lending and some of the predatory practices that credit card companies use. While some of the rules have changed since this documentary was made, and it applies mostly to American lenders, it is still quite eye opening how easily one can slide back into debt when aided by lenders.

In Debt We Trust - Another documentary. This time it’s about how corporations benefit from your debt. If this doesn’t convince you to work hard to get out of debt, I don’t know what will!

Boiler Room - A film about white collar crime, and conning decent people out of their money. This will certainly make you cautious about where you invest your hard earned dollars.

Owning Mahowny - A movie about a compulsive gambler makes a great statement about spending money without thought for the consequences. It’s about needing instant gratification, instead of putting it off for a better future. It’s about debt and owing and the stress those things can bring into your life. It’s superbly acted, and worth a watch.

The Big Short - This amazing cast includes Brad Pitt and Christian Bale and illustrates really well how people actually made money off the financial crisis that occurred in the U.S. in 2008.

Inside Job - This documentary film features narration by Matt Damon and explores the financial crisis that happened in 2008. It’s easy to understand and is packed full of information that will make you think a little differently about your money.

Wall Street - This is a movie about greed and what lengths some people will go to satiate theirs. The acting is spectacular with Charlie and Martin Sheen as well as Michael Douglas.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - The follow up film to Wall Street, also starring Michael Douglas, that tries to warn people about the financial crisis that happened in 2008.

While not all of these movies will be relevant to your particular financial state, they are all definitely eye-opening and entertaining. At the very least, you’ll enjoy your relaxing weekend!


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