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‘The Surprise’ Hits You Right in the Feels

I was at my local movie theatre last night when I saw 'The Surprise'- a short story/commercial from INTERAC*. For the past couple of years, INTERAC* has done a great job of reminding Canadians the value and importance of saving and spending the money you have instead of using credit cards. This 16 second video  showing how a parent reacts to a credit card bill is a great way to show that it is important to use your own money when it is time to make a purchase.

But 'The Surprise', takes the cake. Check it and find out why we think it is awesome below!

Why is this video awesome

First off, I love that this kid understands how money works from a young age. 'The Surprise' shows that  in order to buy the things you want, you need to save for them. Although a credit card is convenient, it quickly leads to additional interest and bills that are larger than the original purchase! That means extra  money spent that you could be using on other things.

Second, have you ever felt that emotional after breaking a piggy bank? I know that saving money is important, but on 'break the piggy bank day', I'm usually pretty excited. Seeing the boy  turn sad shows us not only his attachment to the piggy bank, but the hard work and saving that was attached to filling it up. That's where 'The Surprise' hits you right in the feels. In many ways, Refresh Financial is that piggy bank.

Finally, who doesn't like a good twist ending? Who thought the father was going to walk out with a puppy? EVERYONE! There was no way we saw a pig coming. Bonus cuteness points for INTERAC*

Now, we aren't saying that credit cards aren't bad - when used responsibly a credit card can help you manage purchases that may be just out of your budget today that you can pay for tomorrow. When you make a purchase on your credit card, you need to pay it off ASAP! Anything that sits there for more than 21 days is going to collect interest - usually 19.99% or higher!

Of course, if you need help saving so that you can get the credit you need  and  make a larger purchase, we can help. Click here to get started.

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