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10 Resources For Teaching Your Kids About Money

 Resources For Teaching Your Kids About Money

It's important to try and lead our children towards a better understanding of finances than we had. But when it comes to teaching money management, where do we start? What can we impart so that our kids have the best tools to avoid the debt trap and achieve financial security? Here are ten resources for teaching your kids about money and credit!

Where to begin?

The first thing to do is accept that this is your job. Relying on the education system to teach our kids about financial wellbeing is not always going to turn out well. Most curriculums across Canada include some money knowledge, but it's far from complete and left with that alone, your kids won’t have a fully functioning grasp of money matters.

If you're nervous about teaching your children about finances, feel free to turn to the internet! There are tons of parents and concerned citizens who've gone before you and are willing to share what they've learned. The internet is full of educational resources on the topic of money for kids. Here are ten of them:


- In each group, you’ll find age-appropriate lessons that you can teach your child as you go about your everyday life. When you’re at a loss for ideas on how to approach the subject with your child, look no further than this website.

Children and money

- This website is full of resources and ideas for teaching your little ones about the value of money. It even has ideas on how to present the concept of credit to your kids. If you’re finding it difficult to explain some money concepts to your kids, this site will help you find the language to do so.

Hands on Banking Kids

- Handsonbanking.org offers a full course for young people to learn about money. It includes topics such as budgeting, credit savings and more. It even offers visual, interactive tools to help kids understand the concepts better.

Personal Finance Education

- This is another free money education resource. You can sign yourself and your kids up for an account and have access to a huge library of resources, including activities, classroom lessons, quizzes and more. Although it's geared more towards Americans, there's still lots to be gained for us Canadians.


- Jumpstart is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the early education of kids on the topic of money. Complete with a reality check for kids to understand how much things cost in the real world, this website will leave a lasting mark on your kids.

Prosperity For Kids

- An online shop that offers hands-on resources for kids to learn about money while having fun.

Kids and Money

- Kids and money has developed a guide to teaching your kids about money. The site also offers tools to understand inflation and links to further resources for kids and their money education.

Sense and Dollars

- A super fun website complete with games to help you understand concepts such as budgeting, credit and how much life would cost on your own.

Money as you grow

- This website is full of resources for teaching kids about money and offers ideas for games that help them learn. You’ll never be at a loss for how to teach your kids about money with this website.

Money games

- This is a website that offers all sorts of games that will teach your kids the basics about money.

With all of these resources and the rest of the internet in your back pocket, there is no excuse not to teach your kids about money. Thanks to you, they’ll grow up with a good, solid base to stand on when they need it most.


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