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10 Skills That Are Making People Money On YouTube

Skills That Are Making People Money On YouTube

One of the best ways to reduce debt is to increase your income and the internet can been a great source of extra income. Whether you’re selling your favorite wares, offering webinars or you’ve launched a new channel on YouTube, the possibilities are endless. YouTube alone has hundreds of thousands of creators that are finding ways to supplement their monthly income. Here are ten skills that are making people money on YouTube.

1. Cooking

- All the food channels and shows on cable television - Classic cooking shows, once popular on cable television, have begun to emerge on YouTube. Amateur and professional chefs alike, from all over the world, have been posting their favorite recipes and making money at it Check out Chef John of Food Wishes or Maangchi, who makes Korean cooking look easy. Many of these culinary artists are using these videos as their primary source of income! If you can cook and navigate iMovie, you can make some extra cash too!

2. Woodworking

- Remember all those things your dad taught you in garage growing up? It’s worth more than just the odd repair around the house! If you can turn scrap wood into a table or a chair, you might want to consider making a video of the process and posting it on YouTube! Post regularly enough and you can make earn some cash. Check out Carl Jacobsen or Frank Howarth - these guys are killing it on YouTube showcasing their woodworking skills.

3. Makeup

- Every day, tons of people are spending loads of time doing their makeup, but did you know that if you’re particularly good at it, you can teach others on YouTube to make some money? Makeup gurus on YouTube have some of the most watched channels on the site, skyrocketing many of the amateur makeup artists to global fame. Some have even gone on to work with major makeup brands after being discovered on YouTube. Check out Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota for more on this sort of YouTube experience.

4. Drawing

- Can you draw? There’s a market for drawing tutorials, so whether you’re an expert at realistic portraits, or sketching comic book heroes, you might want to consider pressing the ‘record’ button the next time you grab the pencil. Check out My Drawing Tutorials for an example.

5. Painting

- Even if it’s just a hobby, you can post videos of yourself and earn money as you do. What’s greater than earning some dough as you enjoy your hobbies? You can see Jay Lee Watercolour Painting for ideas on how this can be done.

6. Cake Decorating

- Not only can you treat your friends and family to some delicious desserts, but if you record yourself decorating them, you can cash in on some YouTube bucks, too. Be forewarned, these sorts of videos are mesmerizing and addictive. Check out 10 Minute Cakes for more.

7. Gardening

There are so many talented home gardeners out there growing their own bounty year after year and saving money on the grocery bill. Now you can make money growing your garden, too. Sharing your green wisdom with an audience on YouTube on a regular basis can allow you the opportunity to supplement your income. Check out the Rusted Garden for more:

8. Leather Work

- Selling your homemade leather goods is a great start at making some extra cash, but now you can film the process and impart some knowledge. You’ll see your subscribership grow, along with your income. Check out Saddleback Leather for inspiration:

9. Auto Repair

- This could be your day job and you already make a living fixing cars, or maybe it’s a hobby and you have a knack for it. How-to videos for the automotive scene are very popular, and it might be something that could make you some money. Check out South Main Auto Repair for more ideas.

10. General Making

There is a movement that seems to be fueled by YouTube - the Maker movement involves all sorts of ‘making’ from graphic design to buildings and everything in-between. Some of the stars of this movement are people who use a vast spectrum of skills to get stuff made. Check out Jimmy DiResta to see the best of the best when it comes to makers:

Remember, whatever your skills are, there is someone searching YouTube to learn about it. Capturing these skills on video and sharing them with the world can be enough to earn you a few extra bucks each month.

What skills could you impart to the YouTube public? Let us know in the comments!

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