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5 Tips To Save Money Playing Hockey


A lot of moms across Canada secretly hope their kids will be into soccer instead of hockey. Shin guards and cleats are more affordable than the 50lb bag of equipment hockey players lug around. If your little one chooses TimBits soccer over hockey, you’re saving a ton of money. You might even treat the team to their sponsor’s donuty balls of goodness from time to time. Realistically, though, if you have a kid growing up in Canada, chances are, he or she is going to want to try hockey at least once.

Sport is great for kids. Especially team sports. It provides much needed exercise, a social atmosphere and a plethora of life lessons along the way. Kids who play sports are happy kids, so don’t say no if they ask to play hockey. Instead, become a penny-pinching hockey mom.

Here are 5 super easy ways to save money on hockey:

You don’t need the best - Get that twinkle out of your eye and walk away from the top tier, latest and greatest models of everything. If your kid is just starting out, you don’t want to buy them a bag full of top-of-the line gear. They’re going to keep growing and that stuff will all be too small in no time. There’s also the possibility your child may not enjoy it, and a second season of hockey isn’t going to happen.When and if he or she is working towards a career in the NHL, perhaps then you can consider the big name, top-notch stuff. Until then, it’s the basic models.

Buy Second-Hand - Grab all your little hockey player’s equipment at a consignment or second hand shop. If you live in a particularly hockey crazy town (pretty likely if you live in Canada) you’re going to be able to find all sorts of second hand hockey gear for sale. Check Craigslist, your local classifieds, thrift shops, yard sales and consignment stores. With a little bit of effort, you’d be amazed what you can find.

Swap meets - The hockey association your child is now a part of may have a swap day, where players of all shapes and sizes give up their gear that doesn’t fit anymore in trade.

Hand-me-downs - If you have a nieces or nephews who previously played hockey, ask around for old sets of skates or hockey bags or sticks that they wouldn’t mind handing down to your little one. Put up a status on Facebook asking for anything and everything in your child’s size, and you might end up with most of what you need to get him or her started.

Grants - Organizations like Kidsport offer grants to children in families who would otherwise not be able to afford to play hockey, or any other sport for that matter. There are a ton of major brands out there that offer grants for sport as well, but the absolute best place to start is at Kidsport: click here.

What are some of the ways you know of to save money playing hockey? Let us know in the comments!

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