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6 Celebs Who Chose A Staycation

Selena Gomez
Photo: Wiki Commons

If you don’t know what a staycation is, you can probably guess. The dictionary defines it as a vacation that is spent either in your home country rather than heading out of state, or a vacation spent specifically in your home. We all love vacations, but you have to admit, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? No packing. No waiting in lines at airports or getting lost in foreign cities. Just a relaxing stay at home with your family. Yes, please!

I’m not the only one to think this sounds wonderful, though. More and more celebrities are taking the staycation route as well. With their properties, who would really want to leave anyway?

Here are six celebs who’ve chosen a staycation over heading abroad:

1. George Clooney - Yeah, the Cloonster opted to have a cuddly stay at his home in England, instead of spending his honeymoon on some remote tropical Island. He and his new wife, Amal, honeymooned at home! Of course, if I had their mansion in the country, you’d probably have to pry me away, kicking and screaming.
2. Selena Gomez - Selena chose to spend Easter just this past year, at home with… can you guess? He’s Canadian, his voice just changed last week and he opened the recent box office flop, Zoolander 2 with an Instagram selfie. You guessed it! It’s the Biebs. No one knows really, if they’re back together, but we do know they love a staycation!
3. Ali Landry - model, one-time Miss USA, and actress, Ali Landry enjoys staying home with her family rather than traveling. As she said, she travels a lot for work already. Vacation time for her, means staying still.
4. Kelly Ripa - One of morning television’s biggest stars, Kelly Ripa, says she loves a staycation because it allows her kids to keep up with their extracurricular activities, and promotes thinking outside of the box. She says that staycations are when she gets truly creative with the time she spends with her family.
5. Kristen Stewart - Kristen Stewart opts for a staycation, rather than heading out of the country, when she’s been extra busy and needs to truly relax.
6. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - It’s true! Brangelina love a good staycation, although it’s not all that surprising. They always seem to be the busiest people in Hollywood, with their careers and their kids. They stay in town but they make sure to hit up a beautiful hotel when they’re in the mood for some relaxing time off.

This list just goes to prove, it doesn’t matter how wealthy you get, a staycation can potentially be a better option. It’s more affordable, less hassle and can truly afford you the relaxation you have earned! Next time you plan some time off, why not consider a staycation?

Have you ever chose to stay in town during your holidays? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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