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6 Guerilla Travel Tips That Work In 2016

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My brother gave me a book a few years ago: Guerilla Travel Tips. In it, there were the best travel tips I’ve ever seen. Things like, hopping flights with a Fedex Cargo plane and similar tips to get you nearly everything for free or significantly discounted. I loved this book, and recently looked into some of its tips again. I found that many of them are not possible anymore, like the many live-for-free tips offered up by Abbie Hoffman in Steal This Book. It was certainly a different time, even just ten years ago.

I decided, though, that I would rustle up a handful of similar tips that work now, just for you. In that spirit, here are six guerilla travel tips for the 2016 traveler:

Fly free - Yes, this actually works, and here’s how: if you have a credit card, make sure it’s a card that collects Air Miles or similar types of miles. Instead of paying your bills with your chequing account, use your credit card to collect the miles, and pay it off with the money you would have used from your chequing account. You’ll accumulate tons of miles this way. You just have to make sure you’re paying back what you put on your card.

Ask for upgrades - You will get denied often, but you will also get what you ask for from time to time. You can find yourself staying in a suite instead of a standard hotel room, or flying first class instead of coach. It does happen and all it takes is just enough nerve to ask.

Hostels - Most people think of college students when they think of hostels, but the experience is not just for kids. There are hostels that play host to all types of people across the board. I’ve watched my parents hostel around Europe in their sixties and come back raving that it was better than any hotel stay they’d ever had (and they’ve had a lot). They loved that you got to meet so many interesting people from all walks of life - you could eat with them, stay up late talking with them, go on tours with them and get tips from them about the area. Some hostels are dirt cheap compared to hotels and motels… we’re talking ten bucks a night in some places.

Couchsurfing - make use of a site like couchsurfing.com and go stay for free on someone’s couch. You’d be surprised how many hosts are out there willing to let you stay. Not only do you get a free night’s stay, but you can also tap into the local knowledge your host has and even save money by sharing meals. Of course, this sort of adventure isn’t for everyone, but if you step outside of your comfort zone a little, you might come away with a lifelong, foreign friend!

Offer services in exchange - I once spent a week in a bed and breakfast in San Francisco in one of those famous Painted Ladies from the Full House intro, absolutely cost free. How did I get it for free? It’s simple! I asked for the accommodation and in exchange, I would create a fresh, new website for their business. They got a great deal out of it, too. If you have a skill that would be of benefit, why not offer it in exchange for accommodation?

Eat at places of worship - Often Sikh temples (also known as Gurdwara) offer a buffet of food at some point in the day, free to visitors. If you’re somewhere near temple like this and want to visit, you can also eat there, free! Do your research beforehand, not just so you know when they serve food, but also so that you’re familiar with any behaviour or dress code they may have, and then go fill up on some of the best food you’ll ever have for free. FYI - this service is run by volunteers (sourcing food, cooking, serving, cleaning), so any help you can offer or donation you can afford, would be appreciated!

If you combine these tips, you can get almost everything free on your next trip. What tips am I missing? Do you have any guerilla travel tips you use when you travel? Let us know in the comments!

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