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The Case For Travelling Solo

Travelling solo

Let’s be real, the idea of travelling alone can be a little bit scary, can’t it? Especially if you’re going somewhere way overseas, where they speak a different language and have a different way of life. Travelling alone to a place you’ve never been to before is not always the first option we jump on, is it? But should it be? Is there an upside to travelling alone? Can you get more out of your travels if you go it solo?

After looking into it, and asking solo travellers, I’m starting to lean towards yes. Yes, there are serious bonuses to travelling alone.

When you think back to all those times you’ve travelled with friends or family, do you see yourself being social mostly with strangers, or with those you’re travelling with? When I recall those times, I am often deep in conversation with my own friends and family, so much so that I am ignoring the other people around me. We end up so wrapped up in the people we’re already familiar with, that we miss opportunities to meet new ones. When you travel solo, you don’t have this problem anymore. You feel much more pressure to speak to and get to know the people around you, whether you’re on a flight, a tour or at dinner. Travelling solo guarantees you’ll come away with some great friends from far off lands.

You’ll also take in so much more of the sights and sounds around you, and come away with a much deeper appreciation for the place you just visited. You’re not staring at your friend or loved one’s face half the time. Instead, you’re observing this strange, new place. You’re taking more pictures, experiencing more presentness. You’ll get so much more out of the location, if that’s all you’re focused on.

Travelling with people can also lead to conflicts in dates and times, making planning your trip much, much more difficult. Getting time off with your fellow travellers at the exact same time can be iffy, and sometimes you have to cut your trip short to be back because someone else needs to be. You’re also relying on everyone else to have all their paperwork and money in order before you go. Nothing is more frustrating than having a friend or a loved one leave things to the last minute when you’ve got an important trip planned. When you travel alone, you just have to worry about yourself, and as long as you do what needs to be done, all should go smoothly.

Sightseeing and tours can also be a royal pain in the neck, if you’re travelling with someone who has a different level of physical ability than you, or who, perhaps, doesn’t share the same phobias as you. If you’re not too keen on heights, and your travelmate is a daredevil, you could find yourself pressured into skydiving or ziplining and spending your hard earned cash on something you really do not want to do. When you travel all by your lonesome, everything you do is something you want to do. The best part about this, is that the people you meet doing what you like to do, already have something in common with you.

On your own you can tackle that book you’ve been meaning to read, or catch up on the podcasts you love, or the Netflix shows you haven’t had time for. You don’t have to be social when you’re alone in your hotel room. You can curl up with the latest bestseller, in silence and truly enjoy it. Flights are the perfect time to do these things, too. You don’t have to converse with anyone on your flight if you don’t want to. Pay all your attention, for hours, to your favourite book!

You’ll find that travelling by yourself opens up a world of new options. You can suddenly make use of sites like easily, and get your accommodation for free. You can afford to take that beginner’s course in scuba diving because you’re only paying for one. You’re more likely to get that first class upgrade, if it’s just one seat. You can see and do so many more things, and do them for less, because you are just one person.

Respect will also be gained from the people around you both at home and wherever you end up traveling. Most people recognize that travelling solo is scary, and it takes a lot of nerve to get out there and do that. They’ll see that nerve in you and you might find that afterwards, the people in your life will treat you a little differently, in a really, really good way.

Travelling alone may be scary, but that’s sort of the point. Nothing in this world worth doing comes without a little uneasiness, and stepping outside of that box is going to give you an immense sense of accomplishment. You’re going to come home feeling proud of yourself, almost like you’ve conquered the world. You’ll have a better sense of self, and there will never be any doubt in your mind that you can think on your feet. You’ll break the mould we all find ourselves in and once that mould is broken, there really isn’t much you can’t do anymore.

Travelling alone isn’t just a great idea, it’s something that should be on everyone’s bucket list, old or young. Seeing our world is a feat… but doing it alone? Well, that’s just something else entirely.

Have you travelled alone? Where to? How did you like it? Let us know in the comments!

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