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Sprint, jog, or walk: How quickly do you want to build your credit?

When it comes to building credit, everyone has a pace that works best for them, depending on their current financial situation and future goals. For anyone wanting to make a big purchase such as a house or new car in the near future, building a better credit score should be top of mind in order to qualify for the lowest interest rates from lenders. Even if you don’t have any big purchase plans at the moment, know that life is easier with better credit, and it makes financial sense to start working towards a better score today. 

How can Refresh Financial help build your credit score quickly?

Refresh Financial offers custom credit building products based on your current financial situation, where you would like to get to, and how quickly you would like to get there. 

Sprint Pack

If building credit FAST is your ultimate goal, we can help you get to where you want to be, quicker than other credit building solutions. The Sprint Pack is our fastest and most explosive credit building solution, which includes the Credit Builder Loan and the Secured Card.

Jog Pack

If you need to build credit a little faster in order to qualify for the products you want, we recommend the Jog Pack. This is our most balanced credit building solution in terms of speed and stamina and includes the Credit Builder Loan. 

Walk Pack

The Walk Pack gets you where you need to be at a slow and steady pace. If you have no date in mind for when you’d like to have a good credit score, this credit building solution can help you get there. It includes the Secured Card. 



Start building your credit score today at the pace which suits you best.

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