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The Perks of Pet Ownership


We all know the responsibilities that come with that whiskered Fido face: your pup or kitty needs loads of attention, good nutrition, lots of training and exercise and a ton of cleaning up behind him. Those little furballs with paws add an extra expense, and multiple chores to your to do list, so is it really a good idea to adopt a pet?

There is no denying that, yes, it is. And here’s why.

Pets are a constant source of unconditional love. Provided we’re talking about cats and dogs, pets give back about tenfold what it takes to care for them. They quickly forget your mistakes and trust you completely from the moment they enter your life until the day you say goodbye. They are always, without any doubt, your best friend and number one fan in the world, offering a sort of devotion you could never expect from a fellow human being.

Studies suggest having a pet live with you can reduce your chances of getting allergies, as well as reduce the odds of your kids developing allergies as they grow. It totally sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true! The theory is that it acts as a sort of vaccine for allergies.

Pet owners meet more people! Yep, those of us walking pups have an easier time meeting friends because when you greet new people at the dog park, you instantly have something in common.

Interactions with pets trigger pleasure centers in the brain which in-turn, reduce your chances of experiencing any forms of depression. Some mental health professionals even insist that therapy sessions and counselling include someone with four legs and a tail. That means, your moody little feline could be making you a significantly happier person.

Researchers have also found that pet ownership, especially dog ownership, is good for your physical health. Your heart benefits the most from this special relationship, both literally and figuratively. Dog owners get that slight extra boost because walking little Lucky does wonders for the ol’ ticker.

Pets are a great way to exercise your nurturing muscles before you have children. Perhaps you’re not ready to take on the responsibility of a child, but you feel like you want some more responsibility. Your dog or cat is a wonderful way to work your way up to parenthood.

Caring for your pet is a proven stress reducer as well, enabling you to face more in your life with a positive outlook. Little Rufus and his wagging tail and required walks can keep anxiety at bay like few other things can, leaving your brain free to accomplish the things you need and want to.

Pets can kick you into high gear. Proven motivators and mood lifters, your happy little beasts will keep you on track, keep sight of your goals and hang on to your drive to reach them. Yes, Spot and his glistening wet nose actually have the power to make you a more effective and successful person.

Sure, a new puppy can be a pain in the butt. All that house training and the messes you’ll have to clean up. There are lots of new supplies you’ll need around the house, too. He could increase your monthly expenditure and he’ll suck up some of your ever-shrinking free time. In the long run, though, Ol’ Buster makes up for that to an immeasurable degree. You’ll be happier, more relaxed, more successful, more focused, driven and motivated. You’ll be healthier, you’ll meet more people and you’ll get out of the house more often. Your pet will make you a better you in every way possible, and there is no amount of time or money more valuable than that.

Do you have a pet? Tell us about him or her in the comments!

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