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10 Gift Cards Everyone Will Want In Their Stocking

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Some of us are easy to buy for, others not so much. Gift cards often make it easy to give to many people during the season. You can usually buy them all in one place and get that part of your shopping done quickly. The problem is, figuring out what gift cards people would like. Luckily, there are some fairly universal cards that will please even the pickiest of us. Here are ten of them:

iTunes/Google Play gift cards

Depending on the sort of phone your gift recipient has, either of these is going to be a winner. These cards work for apps, in-app purchases, music, movies, television shows, and they even work for backup cloud storage and other system add-ons. Everyone can find a use for these gift cards.

Prepaid credit cards

This goes over especially well with kids who don’t yet have a credit card, as it enables them to shop online without asking mom and dad for their credit card. You just purchase the card, activate it and it acts just like a real credit card.

Movie theatre gift cards

Everyone loves to go to the movies, but not everyone does it often because it tends to cost quite a bit. Treat your gift recipient to a night at the pictures with a movie gift card.

Amazon gift cards

There isn’t much that Amazon does not sell, so every man, woman, kid and even dog is going to find something to buy here. This will please anyone.

Gas gift cards

Gas is one of our biggest expenses going into 2017, so take some of that burden from your friends or family by giving them a gas gift card. (Of course, this only tends to please vehicle owners.)

Grocery Store gift cards

We all gotta eat, don’t we? With food prices as high as they are today, this gift card will be a welcome sight for anyone on Christmas morning.

Drug Store gift cards

Places like Shopper’s Drug Mart and London Drugs sell far more than just pharmaceuticals. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, and snacks are all available here, making these stores useful to everyone.

Tim Horton’s gift cards

We’re all Canadian, here. No use pretending we don’t all enjoy a Timbit here and there. Give the gift of warm, Canadian comfort food and drinks and your friends and family will surely appreciate it.

Are there any other sorts of gift cards you can think of that are pretty universally appreciated? Let us know in the comments!

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