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10 Sites That Can Help You Save On Everyday Purchases

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Let’s celebrate Friday with savings! In my time on the internet, I’ve become friendly with a few websites that will keep those hard earned dollars in your bank account. Today, I thought I’d share ten of the best with you. Some you may have heard of, others might be new to you, but each and every one of them can help you grab the things you normally buy at a discounted price and reduce your expenses by a mile! Let’s get started:

1. Smart Canucks - http://smartcanucks.ca/ - Have you ever heard stories about those coupon-obsessed house wives who just clip and clip and clip all day long; who study and calculate and somehow find a way to get half their groceries for free just by combining the right coupons at the right time? Yeah. They’re not so crazy, and they’ve set up this website to share their sheer brilliance with you. Not only do you get the insider scoop on coupons and freebies near you, but you also have access to an ever-growing database of flyers from around the country. The folks here are constantly posting about ways you can save money on everyday things. As a bonus, they also list contests, giveaways and sweepstakes as well. Make good use of this site, and you could be saving a bona fide mint.

2. Groupon - https://www.groupon.ca/ - You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about Groupon. How it works is, a vendor sets up a deal on their product or service with significant savings (sometimes upwards of 90% off regular price). The deal is posted to Groupon and as soon as a predetermined number of buyers opts in to the deal, the deal is on. You get the massive savings because so many other people are buying in, too. Save on anything from spa treatments and tooth whitening to travel and photography. You can grab products we all use at lower-than-cost prices sometimes, such as phone chargers and clothing and jewelry. Groupon is wildly successful all over the world and for good reason. Take advantage of it for the purchases you would buy at regular cost anyway.

3. Retail Me Not - http://www.retailmenot.ca/- This site is a huge database of Canadian coupon codes. If you’re about to make a purchase online, check this site for a coupon code first. Significant savings is as simple as copy/paste!

4. Save.ca - http://www.save.ca/ - This site has endless coupons on all your most common purchases. You can login using your Facebook account, clip and save coupons and then when you’re ready, you just print them all out. The site also has a bonus shopping list tracker, to help you organize your grocery list.

5. Grocery Alerts - http://www.groceryalerts.ca/ - Grocery alerts keeps all your local savings and coupons up-to-date, plus they post articles regularly explaining how to save on many of your favourite products and services. Their knowledge base can help you save on every grocery bill, and recently, they also added a section for savings on travel!

6. Extreme Canadian Coupons - http://extremecanadiancoupons.com/ - Only the best coupons land here. Making use of this website will grab you some pretty significant savings. The site is also home to tons of couponing tips, as well as an updated listing of freebies available to Canadian consumers.

7. Bargain Moose - https://www.bargainmoose.ca/ - The moose is going to tip you off on some seriously huge savings on household items, as well as clothing, electronics and more. You’ll also get the tip off when websites are offering free shipping or gifts with purchase and you’ll be kept up-to-date on all the latest savings tips and tricks.

8. LivingSocial - https://www.livingsocial.com/ - Just like Groupon, only a whole new mess of deals. If you can’t find a deal on what you need with Groupon, check this site out!

9. Pronto - http://www.pronto.com/ - Pronto compares prices for any product you’re searching for across the web. With this tool, you can make sure you’re spending the least amount possible on the items you need to buy online.

10. Consumer Reports - http://www.consumerreports.org/ - One of the most overlooked ways to save money, is to research the products you’re about to buy before you buy them. If you grab yourself that discounted tablet on Amazon.com, you want to know that you’re not going to need to replace the piece of junk in a couple of months. Search through scores of reviews for any product you’re thinking of buying so that you can make sure your hard earned bucks aren’t just being thrown away on trash.

What are some of the websites you use to save money? Let us know in the comments and happy Friday!

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