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10 Tips to Save on Your Phone Bill

save on your phone billMobile phone bills are one of our biggest expenses in 2017. Households used to share one landline, with few bells and whistles and it cost pennies compared to our new smartphone powered world. Now, each member of the family has their own phone number, voicemail, texting plans, and more. It adds up to so much more each month than ever before. Most people don’t pay much attention to their phone bill, though, aside from a disapproving grumble while they pay it, and because of that loads of mobile phone users are paying more than they need to every month. Knowing how to save on your phone bill is more important than ever.

Here are ten ways to make sure you’re only paying what you have to:

1. Don’t roam while travelling

Unless you confirm you have access to a package like Roam Like Home from Rogers and have set it up properly, don’t roam when you’re out of town. It costs a bundle! Instead, pop your phone on airplane mode. You can still connect to wifi manually when you’re on airplane mode and you’re going to pay a ton less. Another alternative is to turn off your data - that way you will still be contactable in emergencies, but your roaming charges will be a lot less if it's only the occasional text that comes through. You'll still be able to use wifi that way too.

2. Always ask for the wifi password

Don’t be too shy to ask for they wifi password wherever you go. It’ll save your data.

3. Know your own usage

Be aware of what you use, what your habits are and how much you’ve used each month. Usually, wireless phone providers offer a smartphone app that will keep you up-to-date on your own usage. Knowing what your habits are is going to help you pick the appropriate plan.

4. Never stream when you’re not on wifi

Never stream anything on data. Videos, Netflix, podcasts, music, all of it will eat up your data faster than you’ll even notice. Instead, many of these services offer a “download and stream offline” option. If you’re going to be away from wifi for a while, download a bunch of content in advance and stream it offline.

5. Use free calling software like FaceTime or Skype

Rather than local or long distance minutes. Talk minutes get eaten up so quickly and in this age of global communication, we often find ourselves communicating with many people over long distances. Using a service like Skype is going to bypass your talk minutes and save you from the possibility of going over and accumulating quite the bill.

6. Pick the right plan

Based on what you know you already use, pick a plan that suits you. The idea here is to avoid overage charges. If you opt for the cheapest plan and go over, you’re going to pay infinitely more than if you had just picked the right plan for your usage.

7. Stay on top of promotional savings from your provider

Quite often wireless providers will offer a deal to new customers. Double data for six months or unlimited calling for no extra charge. You can get in on this even if you’re a longtime customer. Just call them up and tell them you want those same savings they’re giving to new customers.

8. Check your statement every month

Make sure you know what you’re paying for because some mobile providers can be really sneaky with hidden fees. You will also be on top of any changes in your usage, as well as when you might be able to cash in on a device upgrade.

9. Pay your bill on time

Yeah, no brainer right? It really wouldn’t be a complete list without this, though. Late fees can cost you a ton, and a poor credit rating can cost you even more.

10. Try unlimited texting

It may cost you a couple dollars more per month, but if it stops you from going over your limit a few times, it’s going to pay for itself. Going over limits is far more expensive than paying for an unlimited plan.

How do you save on your phone bill? Let us know in the comments!

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