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10 Ways People Are Making Money With Pokémon Go

making money with Pokémon Go

If you haven’t noticed the sudden increase in kids playing outside these days, you’re obviously living in a part of the world without Pokémon Go. A single game has changed the lives of kids and adults around the world, getting them outdoors, being active and meeting new people. Some attribute major weight loss and health improvements to the game. Others credit it for improving their social anxiety. If you’ve ever found yourself playing the game at a busy Pokéstop with a lure, you know it’s a new, post-Go world we’re living in.

It’s even created a whole new money-making industry. Creative entrepreneurs have wasted no time jumping on the Pokémon Go train, selling services of all sorts, from driving and security all the way to hacking your Pokémon Go app. Here are ten ways people are making money from Pokémon Go.

Bus tours

Hop on a bus for a small fee, and the driver will lug you and 44 of your friends around slowly so you can hatch eggs, catch Bulbasaurs and hit every Pokéstop along the way. Here’s a bus tour in Montreal: Pokémon Go Bus Tour


Hatching an egg in Pokémon can yield some of the best beasts out there, but to do so, you have to walk at least 2 km. Don’t have the time or energy? No worries, a walker will do it for you: Pokémon Walker

Selling high-level accounts

Higher level accounts with great IV Pokémon mean better luck battling at and taking over gyms in your area. You can buy accounts all over the place, where someone else has done the hard work reaching levels 20 and up, so you don’t have to: Level 31 Account



An hourly fee will get you in a car with a dedicated driver. He or she will drive slowly so your eggs will hatch, and if you’ve found yourself a driver who is also a player, you’re going to be privvy to some great info on the spawning spots of rare Pokémon: Go Driver For Hire


Yes, you can even hire people to play for you. I have absolutely no idea what the benefit of this could be, being as the best part of the game is playing it yourself, but you can, nonetheless, hire a keen teen to wander the city catching Magikarps for you: Hire a Player


Whenever anything new becomes a bona fide craze, the naysayers come out of the woodwork assuring all of us how dangerous it must be. For those who believe that, you can hire a big, bearded tough guy to act as your security while you hunt down that elusive Snorlax: Pokémon Go Security

Bike tours

Hop on your bike and let a pro take you to all the rare Pokémon spawning spots. You’ll hatch eggs in half the time you would walking, and you’re likely to meet other players along the way: Pokémon Go Bike Tour


Businesses are finding the Pokémon Go mania lucrative, with some bars offering a menu of Pokémon Go themed drinks, others offering freebies for players above a certain level. Marketing in this new territory can be confusing, however, and anytime new ground is being broken, hiring someone to guide you through it, and develop ways to take advantage of it, is always beneficial: Pokémon Go Consultant

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This is sort of like hiring a driver, except you’ll be dropped off and picked up from hotspots and Pokéstops with lures and led through areas of town known to have delivered rare Poké dudes in the past: Pokémon Go Safari


For a small fee, a hacker will install a tweaked version of the game on your phone, allowing you to set your location wherever you want, hatch eggs without moving and many other hacks that will enable you to play the game without burning a single, solitary calorie: Hack Your Go Game

Whether you play the game or not, this phenomenon has opened up a whole new world of commerce. We're only a month into its release up here in Canada, so stay tuned to see this marketplace grow in strange, new ways.

Do you play Pokémon Go? Would you hire any of these services? Let us know in the comments!

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