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10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

garden weddingWe’re just over the New Year hump and spring is on the horizon. That means some of you are probably knee deep in wedding plans. This can be one of the most stressful times of your life, watching your money simply disappear into cakes and dresses and flowers and favours. You can easily find yourself overwhelmed, especially if you’d struggled with debt before ever getting engaged in the first place. You’ll be happy to know there are ways to save money on your wedding that can really have an impact and help you avoid sinking further into debt. Consider these for example:

 1. Consider more casual food

Have a family that loves barbecue? Then why not throw a casual BBQ dinner? There is nothing wrong with some pulled pork, coleslaw, and cornbread, and I’d bet that as long as you provide a vegan alternative, your guests are going to be very, very happy.

2. Consider fewer or even zero flowers

Flowers can add up to quite the bill for a function like this, but do we need them? Consider if what the flowers add to your celebration is actually worth what they cost.

3. Get a secondhand dress

Most women only wear their wedding dress for one day, leaving second-hand dresses practically new. Who is going to know besides you? If it’s gorgeous and half the price, why not?

4. Consider sponsorship

While this option is not always possible, there are more and more instances of wedding services being offered free in exchange for advertising. This works best if you choose locally owned businesses and have a large, local audience. For instance, that greek restaurant in town could do the catering, and in exchange, each table setting has their business card at it. You both win in this situation. All you have to do is work up the nerve to ask. You’d be surprised how often you get a yes, and how much that will help you save money on your wedding.

5. Choose a cheap or free venue

If you think outside the church or the reception hall, you’ll see that there are many free and cheap options. Maybe your aunt has a beautiful backyard or maybe that beachfront park only requires a $100 permit. You could even have your wedding at home if you have the space. No one leaves a wedding going, “The entire wedding would have been perfect, if only they’d held it at a hotel banquet room with really tacky carpet!”. Your wedding can be made memorable and beautiful no matter where it’s held.

6. Hold both your ceremony and wedding at the same place

This eliminates the need for drivers in between venues, and it cuts the cost of the location in half.

7. Skip the open bar

No, that doesn’t mean no one can drink. Make it BYOB instead! If anyone protests, well, perhaps you don’t want them at your wedding, anyway. People like that are going to find just about anything to complain about, so it’s best they stay home! Most people won’t give it a second thought. In fact, you might find some people praising your priorities.

8. Ask for money in lieu of gifts

This will make up a ton of what you spent on the event.

9. Sell everything you bought once the wedding is over

Have a giant wedding-themed yard sale or even use a consignment store to get even more of your money back.

10. Use your credit cards that offer rewards points

There’s really no way around paying for some things at your wedding, so when you do, ensure you’re earning a little bit back on everything you spend. Imagine how many free groceries you could get if you collected PC Plus points on everything you bought for your wedding!

These tips will help make your wedding day less of a strain on your wallet, and more of an event you can enjoy with ease.

What are some of the money saving tips you used for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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