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6 Affordable Winter Activities


Now that temperatures are falling all across Canada, it seems like the only outdoor activities are the really expensive ones. Skiing, snowboarding, and even snowmobiling can all cost a pretty penny. So what are we, as Canadians, supposed to do in winter without accumulating more debt and higher bills than we can afford?

Luckily, in most Canadian cities and towns, there is still plenty to do that only require you to shut off your devices, get up off your butt, and not spend more than you have to. Here are six of those activities:

1. Bowling

In most places, bowling is relatively inexpensive and a whole lot of fun. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t having a great time by the end of the first game. Avoid the winter chill, grab some cold beers, and throw a few balls!

2. Indoor climbing

At $10-$20 for a day pass, and even cheaper rates for seniors and kids, indoor climbing is an affordable way to burn some energy and have some fun. Buy a membership at most indoor climbing centers for an even more discounted rate. By the end of the winter, you’ll be stronger than Schwarzenegger!

3. Ice Skating

Let’s face it: we’re Canadian, so you can’t keep us away from ice, even when we’re indoors. Skating is as little as a toonie in some places and can be quite a workout. Kids love skating as well, and in some towns and cities, you’ll even have access to an outdoor rink.

4. Tubing

Head on up to your closest peak and opt for tubing instead of skiing or snowboarding. It’s usually about $10-$20 per person to fly down the mountain in an innertube for a few hours. That’s not bad at all! It can serve as just the dose of the outdoors you need, especially if you pick a particularly crisp, sunny day.

5. Trampoline parks

For $15 bucks on average, you can go and jump your way through a wonderland of trampolines and foam pits. An hour may sound short, but trust me, if you’re jumping the entire time, you might need an ambulance to drag you out of there. An hour is just plenty, and kids absolutely love these places.

6. Swimming

I know, I know. That snow-induced chill in your spine just intensified at the thought of jumping into a cold water pool. Just remember, though, most public pools come equipped with a hot tub, where mom and dad can sit and watch the kids from afar. Most public pools are under $5 for admission and let you stay as long as it’s a public swim. Some of these pools even have slides, diving boards, and tonnes more fun stuff to help you and the kids burn off some of those stored winter calories.

Winter is no excuse to sit around and be lazy! There is plenty to do for under $20 bucks that the whole family will enjoy.

What are some of your favourite winter activities? Let us know in the comments!

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