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6 Tips For Lowering Your Heating Bill


Hey fellow Canadian. You know, winter is just around the corner. I just felt you cringe. We’re barely out of summer, and you’re probably still clinging to those flip flops in a little bit of denial. The fact remains, though, winter is coming and it’s not just on HBO.

The cost of heating in Canada is never cheap. We have cruel winters with lots of that white stuff and no one wants to come in after shoveling the driveway to chilly temps inside. We need our heat, so how can we save some money on our heating bill?

Here are six tips to keep your heating costs down as the temperatures drop:

1. Bundle up

Get yourself some warm, comfortable layers to lounge around the house in. Keep blankets on all the couches in your home, and wrap yourselves in them when you’re at rest. By adding a layer or two, you’re going to be able to lower the temperature in your house one or two degrees and believe it or not, that will make a difference in your heating costs over the long run.

2. Use your fireplace

If you haven’t touched it in years and you’re worried about everything working the way it’s supposed to, have your chimney cleaned. It does cost money, but over time, it’s worth it, as your fireplace is a cheap way to add lots of heat to your home. Besides, everyone loves sitting around a fire.

3. Replace or repair your furnace

Older furnaces may not be running as efficiently as they could. Getting your furnace serviced or replacing old ones will improve your heating efficiency and reduce your bills. The cost of the repair or new furnace will pay for itself over time.

4. Turn the heat down

Turn it down when you’re not at home, or when you’re sleeping. You don’t need the heat if you’re not there! Your dogs and cats can withstand temperatures far cooler than you can, so don’t convince yourself you need to heat your home for Fido when you’re not there.

5. Get regular exercise that raises your body temperature

Regular exercise doesn’t just raise your body temperature while you’re engaging in it, it also helps your body regulate temperature better when you’re doing everything else. Get into a routine of regular workouts and you’ll find you can withstand cooler temps. Plus, when your body is cold, you burn more calories!

6. Use your curtains

You’d be amazed how much of a difference this makes. Leave them open while the sun is up, to let in some of that solar heat. Once dusk hits, though, pull down your blinds and close your drapes and keep all that lovely heat in.

What are some of the life hacks you use to keep your heating bill down during the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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