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Affordable Stocking Stuffer Ideas For All You Money-Smart Shoppers

affordable stocking stuffers

Half the fun of Christmas morning is digging into your stocking and seeing what knick-knacks the jolly old elf brought you. It’s not easy filling it for someone else, though. At least not without spending some dough. A lot of people get stuck on stocking stuffers, so here are some great stocking stuffer ideas that are totally affordable:

Perfume samples

A simple and affordable way to add some high-end stuff to a stocking. You can grab samples of scents from Prada, Armani, Calvin Klein, etc for around $3-$5 per sample. Check out what this site has: Fragrance net.


The candy aisle is full of tasty little inexpensive treats you can slip in some stockings, but if you’re looking for something less sugary that's always a winner, go for the gum and mints!

Touchscreen gloves

Everyone has a pair of gloves, but can they use their phones while wearing them? Most stores that sell gloves, sell the cheap, one-size-fits-all type gloves and this year, they all seem to sport the touch screen fingertips. Any avid phone user is going to love these!


It may sound weird, but everyone loves some juicy, fresh fruit in the morning, especially when they’ve likely been eating a lot of sweets and heavy foods lately. A classic and my favourite, is to put a mandarin orange in there.

Dollar store finds

If you can find some things the recipient will enjoy, get as much as you can at the dollar store. You can fill that whole stocking for less than a ten-spot.

Travel-sized toiletries

Your local pharmacy is likely going to have a little bin section full of tiny versions of all your favourite goo. Deodorant, body spray, shaving cream, hand lotion, you name it. These are cheap and a welcome gift in anyone’s stocking.

Home-made treats

Even if you can’t bake, everyone can make Rice Krispie Squares. Find a cute Christmassy bag for them at the dollar store and fill those stocking up with that ooey-gooey deliciousness. Or, you could grab some pretzel sticks and chocolate chips - melt the chips in a double boiler (or the microwave), dip your pretzel sticks in the melted chocolate, then let them cool in the fridge before bagging them up and putting them in stockings.


You can make lip-smacking popcorn for pennies with a little coconut oil and some salt. Add spices for more flavour. If you have a heat-lover in the family, nothing beats homemade popcorn tossed in a little cayenne pepper.

What are some of your favourite affordable stocking stuffers? Let us know in the comments!


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