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Canada’s Best In-Store Brand Is Gourmet Quality For Less


With a new study suggesting 'nearly one-quarter of Canadians are worried about how to pay for groceries', we thought now would be the perfect time to look into ways to save money at the grocery store.

So today we're talking to you about in-store brands. You know the ones - like those yellow No-Name products all over Superstore, or Safeway Select, Western Family, etc. When we buy them, we usually do so because they are relatively the same thing as a brand name product, but for slightly less. We’re doing it to save money, and by doing so, we more or less accept that we will be getting less quality.

Perhaps They're Not So Bad?

Picture yourself at Walmart. You need a snack for the road and you’re eyeing the Pringles. Perhaps salt and vinegar is your favourite flavour. You see the Pringle’s salt and vinegar flavour right there, and just as you’re about to grab it, you see Walmart brand, Great Quality’s version of salt and vinegar chips in a cardboard tube. It’s a dollar less. You think, why not?

Sure, you’ve saved yourself a buck and that’s awesome. You are a money-wise savings machine, you clever spender, you. Big bonus points in the financial fitness category.

But you and I both know how this is going to turn out, don’t we? We do. A few hours later, you’ll be on the road feeling snackish and your brain is anticipating the flavour, crunch and texture of your favourite chips in the world. You reach for that white tube, pop the lid and slowly lift the first chip to your mouth. You’re ready for that familiar flavour. You bite down, and your body recoils, taking all your willpower not to spit it out all over your fresh-cleaned car.

There is nothing, save for the shape, that this little morsel of food has in common with a salt and vinegar pringle. You can’t bring yourself to eat any more, and the tube of foodish-shaped drywall chunks is headed for the trash.

In-store brands are not known for their quality, or their decadent gourmet taste. In-store brands serve one purpose and one purpose only: to save money.

With One Exception

What if I told you, though, that there is one in-store brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality and still costs less? What if I told you that in-store brand often tastes better and delivers more quality per bite than the gourmet brands that cost twice as much? What if I told you, you could save and buy the best tasting option… at the same time?

Well, you can. There is an in-store brand like this at Great Canadian Superstore and it’s called President’s Choice. This brand could be referred to as both the in-store brand you opt for to get great savings, and the gourmet choice. President’s Choice doesn’t cut corners on flavour, or texture, or fresh, Canadian ingredients. No matter what product you buy, and from what department, the President’s Choice option is often better than the more expensive products on the shelves.

For instance, head on over to the frozen dessert section in the bakery. Grab yourself some of the different President’s Choice cheesecake options. These are so good, you’ll have to double your time at the gym tomorrow. Try their frozen butter chicken lunches - while any frozen lunch pales in comparison to the fresh-made version straight from the stove, the President’s Choice frozen butter chicken blows any of the other frozen Indian entrees out of the water. President’s choice sausages and frozen hamburger patties are always juicy and flavourful. The cereals, oatmeal and muffin mixes are a great way to start the day. Whatever President’s Choice products you buy, you will notice, they never, ever skimp on quality. Every bite just feels like they put every effort into making it taste just as good as it possibly could.

Now, The Best Part

It's called the Blue Menu. This is the line of products from President’s Choice that is lower calorie, lower fat, and overall better for you. It helps when you’re counting calories because the products taste just as good as their less healthy counterparts.

Whether you’re looking to eat healthier or not, though, President’s Choice should be your choice for saving money while not sacrificing quality. Sure, this sounds like a sponsored post, but this is anything but. This is just a President’s Choice fan looking to pass on the savings to fellow Canadians.

What is your favourite in-store brand? Let us know in the comments!

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