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Canadian Designated Driving Services For The Holidays

This time of year, we are out and about like crazy and it seems everywhere we go, we’re offered drinks. Some of us choose not to partake in adult holiday beverages, and these types sure are the under-appreciated heroes of the holiday season. You are the designated drivers who are literally saving lives this time of year. Most of us don’t mind a drink or two, though, and sometimes that turns into three or four. It’s important if you’re the sort of person who likes to enjoy a few beers during the holidays, that you get yourself prepared before you head out. Have a plan for how you’re going to get home, because we don’t need any impaired drivers on our streets this season. Aside from the danger you put yourself in getting behind the wheel after drinking all evening, you also face expensive fines and license suspension. All that debt we’ve been working on bringing down all year? Yeah, you’re going to see that go up again. Drastically.

So, instead of endangering everyone’s lives and your improving credit score, why don’t you write down the info for your nearest designated driving services and slip it in your pocket, before you head out to enjoy all the festivities this time of year has to offer.

Here are the Canadian driving services you can call and who will give you a ride for free. Just in case you had one too many nogs at Uncle Fred’s house.

Operation Red Nose

You can download the app for this organization, which will enable you to find an outlet near you, and provide you with the phone number. The service is free, so if you have Operation Red Nose in your area, this is your absolute best bet. Grab the app on the app store : Red Nose iOS App and on the Google Play Store: Red Nose Android App

CAA partners

Members get one free safe-ride-home call per year, and your provincial CAA chapter will tow your car home with you. Just call 1-800-222-4357.

Taxi Guy

This is a bunch of cab companies working together to get people home safe. You can call their toll-free number, 1-888-TAXI-GUY or download the app for your phone to get a ride. You can purchase taxi dollars on their website too, to give a safe ride home to a friend. Grab the app on the app store: TAXIGUY


Dialing #TAXI on your mobile phone is going to put you through to the first available taxi company in your area. It costs around a toonie per call, but think of it as an investment in your life, health, future, and financial security.

Local Towing Companies

Tow companies will often offer a service to drive you home and tow your car if you are unable to drive yourself. While this does cost significantly more than just a bus ride or a taxi, you do get your car home safely with you and you’re not about to find yourself in any trouble that would cost way more in the long run than calling your friendly tow company for a lift.

There are also countless other private services across the nation, some of which are way more affordable than your average taxi ride. All you need to do is search “designated driving services” plus the name of your city or town, and you’ll find the nearest options.

If you plan to be going out a lot and celebrating this holiday season, make sure you plan ahead for a safe ride home. Choose your plan of action beforehand and make sure you have all the apps and phone numbers you need to get in touch with a designated driver. We want you to be safe this holiday season, and we want to see you and your credit come through it unscathed.

How do you plan for a safe ride home during the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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