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You Could Be Earning Hundreds Of Dollars In Rewards – Are You?

 Earning Hundreds Of Dollars In Rewards

Recently, Bond Brand Loyalty released a report that suggested Canadians are sitting on $16 billion worth of unused loyalty points. At over $600 per Canadian, that’s a lot of dough! In Canada, you could be earning hundreds of dollars in rewards that are going unspent, all that loyalty wasted. Are you making use of yours?

Here are some tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your rewards:

1. Use Reward Management Systems

- or are two rewards management systems that allow you to transfer points from one program to another. Now you can make use of even the smallest amount of points that you have in any given loyalty program. You can also keep track of how many points you've accumulated.

2. Sign Up For Easy Reward Programs

- If you can’t understand how it works with a brief explanation, walk away. Chances are, redeeming your points will be just as difficult as it is to earn them. Easy loyalty programs, like PC Plus from President’s Choice, are simple. Earn points as you spend and then redeem them for groceries at their grocery stores. Similar programs are Canadian Tire Money and Shopper’s Optimum points.

3. Make Use Of Apple Wallet

- You can keep all of your rewards cards in Apple Wallet so you'll never have to store receipts. You'll also never be in the position of forgetting your rewards card at home at the time of purchase. Your cards will always be with you as long as you have your phone.

4. Take Advantage Of Bonus Points Days

- Shopper’s Drug Mart is notorious for having 20x points over select weekends throughout the year. You can earn bonus Air Miles at Safeway on specific products and at stores that distribute PC Plus points. You can also collect huge piles of points by spending over certain amounts.

5. Know When Your Points Expire

- Some rewards points have expiration dates. Make you sure you know how long your points are good for so you can ensure you use them in time or transfer them using or before they expire.

6. Use Carrot Rewards

- Carrot Rewards allows you to earn even more points from Petro-Points, More Rewards, Aeroplan miles, Scene points, and Drop points. The best thing about this is that it motivates you to move to earn those points! Sign up here:

Making the most of your points can be worth a lot of savings, and with Bond Brand Loyalty estimating that Canada has $16 billion worth just sitting there, you might already have some sitting in your wallet as you read this. Manage your points and life will cost less!

What is your favorite rewards program in Canada? Let us know in the comments!

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