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Keep Your Costs Down as Gas Prices Go Up

Keep your costs down as gas prices goes up

Whether or not it’s time to fill up, every time you drive by a gas station and glance at the price, it is a constant game of monitoring the fluctuation. We cheer for the tenth of a cent decrease or cringe at the increase. Use these helpful tips to increase your mileage and save money!

Get rid of the junk in your trunk

Storing excess goods in your car weighs it down. The more things you have in your car,the harder it works in order move forward. Don’t use your trunk as storage and remove unneeded items. Bike racks, roof racks and extra towing equipment makes your car less aerodynamic. Attaching these items only when you are using them helps you save gas and extend mileage. The effect of unnecessary weight is relative to the size of your vehicle. The smaller your car, the more gas you will waste carrying extra items. An extra 100 lbs can reduce your mileage up to 2%.

Follow the speed limit

Abrupt breaking and quick acceleration also decreases your mileage by 33% on highways and 5% in the city. Not only is driving sensibly safer for you and other motorists, it helps save gas. Slow down and your gas consumption will slow down too.

Avoid excessive idling

Whenever your car is on, it is using gas. If you are parked, preparing for a trip or waiting to pick up someone, turn off your engine. Leaving your car on unnecessarily sends emissions into our atmosphere harming our environment and also costs you gas. It only takes a few seconds of fuel to restart.

Maintain proper tire pressure

When you are at the gas station, check your tire pressure. Recommended levels are printed on the side of the tire and keeping tires inflated can get you further on the road. Be sure to check that all the tires are equally inflated as well. Although you will not be able to notice if you’re lop-sided, properly inflating your tires are safer, last longer and help with increasing mileage.

Combine short trips

Planning each trip you take helps save both time and money. Many short trips from a cold start uses almost twice as much fuel as longer multi-purpose trips even including the start and stops because the engine is already warm. If you’re going for groceries, dropping off dry-cleaning and picking up your child from school, combine the trips to be more efficient!

It may feel like you’re saving just a few dollars here and there, but it all adds up over time and distance making for worthwhile savings. Intentional driving habits are not only safer, helps the environment, but beneficial to your wallet!

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