Nine Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt this Summer

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Nine Tips To Avoid Credit Card Debt This Summer

 Avoid Credit Card Debt

Next to Christmas, summer tends to be the time where we spend the most. Road trips, eating out and holidays. Money can just slip through our fingers during the summer months. It's important to prepare for the temptation to overspend and take a few preemptive steps to help us hold on to our hard-earned cash. Here are nine tips to avoid credit card debt this summer.

1. Carry Cash Instead Of Credit Cards

- If you’re headed out for a day at the beach or a summer festival, carry cash instead of credit cards or debit cards. This way, you can force yourself to stick to a budget.

2. Pack A Lunch

- Are you thinking of embarking on a road trip? Pack a lunch to avoid spending more than you need to on a meal. Eating out is an expense that's easy to eliminate!

3. Bunk Up

- If you have to rent a hotel room, try and squeeze as many people into a room as possible to help offset the cost.

4. Carpool

- Carpooling is an easy way to split the costs of transportation, not to mention it's also better for the environment.

5. Drink Tap Water

- We're pretty lucky to live in a country as amazing as Canada. For the most part, tap water is clean and safe to drink, so there's no reason you need to spend money on expensive bottled water. Fill your travel bottles with tap water and save some money!

6. Explore Your Own Backyard

- Nix the expensive trip this year and do some research into the area around you. Enjoy the hotspots in your own neighborhood and enjoy one of the biggest perks to a staycation: sleeping in your bed.

7. Ride Your Bike To Work

- Not only is biking great for your health, but you'll save on gas and extra mileage on your vehicle.

8. Thrift Shops

- Update your summer wardrobe at the thrift shops instead of buying brand new. You'll save a ton and maybe even enjoy the process of frequenting new places.

9. Turn On Airplane Mode

- Whenever you're out of town, you can avoid roaming charges by turning airplane mode on. Keep wifi on while using airplane mode to continue browsing the internet free of charge.

Summer can be an expensive season, so be proactive and take these steps to ensure you’re not accumulating more credit debt!

What tips do you have for avoiding credit debt this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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